Epilogue part 2

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Hello everyone i hope all are good..!! Last part is here and do read a note at end I have something for you all..!!

Important note I have changed my user name WriterAshwini to the_bubblequeen.


Nandini...!! Manik whispered while nibbling her earlobe.

Hmm... !! She just hmmed while lost in his sense.

He shamelessly roaming his hands around her body which giving a electric current to her body.

You know how much i love you..!! He spoke huskily while biting her reddish cheeks which turned red which his love.

Yes...!! She could only say a word because his hands making magic on her body.

Don't you love me? He asked her but this time he pulled her pallu from her shoulder.

She looked towards him saw some different type of feeling in his eyes.

Its not like that..!! You know right i love you? She replied looking in to his eyes.

He smirked and moved close towards her lips while looking in to her eyes.

Then why don't you love me? She felt her knees turning in to jelly just with his mera words.

She looked down while biting her lower lip.

Come on nandini..!! Its has been 6 months i haven't touched you..!! It has been 3 months you are staying with navya in her room. See now every thing is perfect..!! Come on love me as i make love to you..!! He spoke looking at her with desire in his eyes.

Manik.. NADYA..!! She was about say something but she was shut by manik who put his finger on her lips.

My baby daughter is in deep sleep..!! She know her father need her mother so she wont disturb..!! He whispered near her lips.

Acha.... So baby ke father I have a surprise for you so please wait here..!! She said and walked passing him towards wardrobe and pulled a red packet from cabinet and walked towards washroom while winking at him and closed the washroom door leaving a confused manik behind.

Manik POV

It has been 15 mints since she was in washroom I wonder what she is doing inside..!! My thoughts were broken when I heard door nob click sound looking at her my breath got strucked in my throught..!!

There she was wearing a red sleevless formal dress that was up to her knees and her assets were covered but the shapes were clearly visible..!!

So ready to get loved Mr. Malhotra..!! She asked and pulled me towards her by my collar. I to pulled are close and deceased the distance between our lips she kissed me on my lips.

It all happened so sudden that i was shocked and didn't move for a minute then started responding to her kiss. It was such an amazing feeling, all the nerves in my body were suddenly awake and I couldn't seem to get my lips off hers. Its was so delicious as sweet. Her lips were perfectly melting in my mouth.

Suddenly she bite my bottom lips looks like she was very horny. She pushed me onto my bed and started kissing me everywhere wildly. She removed my t-shirt and she started sucking and biting my man-nipples. With her act of this i totally turned on now no going back and i pulled her onto bed and while kissing her wildly, removed her top and she was wearing a pink bra.

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