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c h a o s

"I THINK IT'S time we left," Lewis declared.

It had been the third time he'd said that.

"We're not finding anything," Zach announced with finality. In about ten minutes, we'd combed through in a thin parameter just inside the edge of the forest and of course, we'd seen or heard nothing from Cam.

"So what now?" I asked, hoping we were done here.

"Let's head back to the diner," suggested David and Katie immediately heaved a sigh of relief, winding her arms around Kerry's. "Thank God."

"We'll make the call from there," Zach decided and it was on the tip of my tongue to tell him that that wasn't really necessary when Tyler suddenly called out, "Over there!"

He was moving now, as he pointed towards somewhere deep within the trees.


"I see him," muttered Zach as he followed with David.

Even better.

Moving along with the others, I took in a shadow lying prone at the base of the huge tree that wound its roots far and wide around itself, the roots creeping well above the ground.

"Shit, is he like, passed out or something?" Steph crossed her arms, not looking very happy. "Are we actually going to have to carry him back?"

"I sure fucking hope not," Tyler replied before turning back to the shadow below.

As I neared, I saw the faint outline of what did seem to look like Cameron. The bit of moonlight glinted off his blond hair, making it seem almost milky in the night and I could make out the green of his jacket too. It was Cameron, alright.

This kept getting better and better. I decided to quit holding out on any hope and accept that I wasn't getting home until maybe morning.

Lewis came to stand next to me while Steph bitched at David about Cameron and how annoying he was even when he wasn't conscious (which I'd say was true). Kerry just heaved a sigh and folded her arms, and Katie kept darting quick looks behind us, from where we came.

And Tyler was maybe a couple of feet away from Cameron's body when it happened.

Someone stepped out from behind the tree we were gathered in front of.

Within the mix of confusion and surprised cries, I didn't really see what happened.

What I did see was the clear splattering of blood across Tyler's face in the moonlight.

And then a white painted face, signature red nose and a far more red-stained hatchet than before.

Shit, shit, shit.

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