Chapter 16 - wait

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Third Person's POV

》a month later《

to be honest, the past month is probably the one of the happiest month of his life. not just because he is finally with luke, but because luke is very sweet, loving, and is always concern for him. they've gone out for a couple of dates and picnics and it is honestly the best thing that happen in calum's days.

many things happened the last month. michael and ashton found out that the two of them are together, withouth them telling the two of course. they shared their first kiss as a couple, calum's grade boosted up and his lowest grade is 90, they also went to the beach even though its freezing cold, both of them saying that it is romantic.

calum looks at his wrist watch and checked the time. its already 3:23 pm and luke is supposed to be at their favorite restaurant 23 minutes ago. calum knows that luke still have to ride the cab to get their but luke gets off of work at 2:15 and getting at the restaurant would take 20 minutes, traffic isnt really that heavy.

calum's ankles are starting to hurt from standing up outside the restaurant, but he knows he is not gonna give up soon. if luke is really late not because of the traffic, he must have a good reason why he is late. calum's head hurts and it must be because he didnt get any sleep. 

he decided to wait inside the restaurant so he can rest his ankles and sit down. he went inside the restaurant and asked for luke's reservation for two. he sat down and buried his face in his arrms, trying to ease the aching pain on his head. 

a waiter came up to him and ask if he is ready to order, he only asked for water and decided to wait more. he looked at his watch and saw 3:35, what is taking luke so long? 

calum sighed and rubbed his ankles, he curled his toes inside his shoes to ease the pain. tge waiter came back with a glass of water and calum thanked him. he took a sip of his water and finally, his dry throat is now fine.

he grabbed a book from his bag and decided to read for his upcoming exams to try and cure the urge to give up on waiting for luke. he read the book for almost 30 minutes and to be fucking honest, calum is very fucking soon on giving up.

his back is starting to hurt because of sitting for too long. he put his book inside his bag and buried his face on his arms, soon falling asleep, because of tiredness.


'sir? excuse me sir.' calum heard a deep voice said above him and he rubbed his eyes as he looked up. 'w-what?' calum says. 'sir are you still going to stay here and eat or decide to go home because we are closing soon.' the manager says and calum looked at his watch and saw its already 8 pm and the restaurant doesnt serve late dinners.

'uh, im really sorry but did a 'luke hemmings' came here and asked for his reservation for two?' calum asks and the manager sighed. 'im sorry sir but you were thr only one who came under his reservation for two.' the manager said and calum sighed annoyed and mad. 'whatever, sorry for the inconvenient.' 

 calum walked out of the restaurant, his head hang low as he exited in shame. he waited for hours and hours, luke didnt even show up, is traffic really the one to blame for this? he felt so betrayed as he took the cab home, wiping the tears of sadness in his eyes. 

He waited for hours and hours just to see Luke and he expected a text or anything but he didn't receive any.


Calum doesn't know what to feel. He opened the door of their shared house and he didn't expect what he see. He expect Luke not to be home, stuck somewhere to worry him, he expect an empty house but he can't help but be angry.

Luke is laughing with 2 guys, playing games on the Xbox. Luke looked up from the TV and smiled at calum. 'What took you so long to get home babe? Traffic?' Luke says and Calum's anger is going up to his head.

'I need to talk to you later.' Calum says and ignored Luke as he stomped his way upstairs, locking the door of his room.

'Damn Luke, that boy is a cute piece of shit, he's your boyfriend? Seems like you did something to madden him.' One of Luke's friend said and Luke shrugged. 'Come on let's finish this and you guys go home. He seems mad.'

Once they are done playing, Luke shooed his friends out of the house and rushed up to Calum's room where the door is locked and he heard sniffings inside.

He knocked on the door softly and the door opened, Calum running back to his bed and covering his face with a pillow.

'Cal? Why are you crying?' Luke asks as he sat down the bed, stroking Calum's hair and he was surprised as Calum slapped his hand away and moved away.

'Cal, tell me what's wrong.'

'Really? Tell you what's wrong? How cant you possibly know what is wrong?! I waited for you for hours and hours and then when I came back home you're just laughing your ass off with some guys playing?!' Calum said sharply, his voice breaking as he sat up and moved further away from Luke.

'What do you mean you waited for hours and hours? Why did you wait for me?'

'What?! Luke today is supposed to be our date! You reserved a late lunch for the both of us, I've waited for you fie hours and hours! I even fucking fell asleep in the restaurant waiting for you! And then I would see you playing while I'm fucking waiting and shaking myself for you!'

'Wh- fuck! I'm sorry okay, I forgot, my friends said that we should hang out and i forgot.' Luke says and calum scoffed.

'You think that is enough? To pay for the hours that I waited in that fucking restaurant?' Calum scoffed as he rolled his eyes that is red because of crying.

'I already said I was sorry okay? I think that is fucking enough.' Luke is visibly annoyed and starting to get mad. 'Okay so now you're the one getting mad? You are the one at fault here! You don't have the rights to get mad and you thing sorry is enough? Sorry is enough to pay for the thing you sacrificed because of your friends?' Calum said and Luke rubbed his temple.

'Okay, how bout we forget what I said and I'm so sorry because I made you wait for nothing for hours, my friends told me to hang out with them and I forgot about the date. Is that enough? is that what you want? A complete fucking sentence and complete explanation? Is that enough to suit your hours of waiting?' Luke scoffed and Calum can feel tears spring back to his eyes.

'Get out!'


'Get out of here!'


Its been so long hi.

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