chapter 6

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Mr Darwin took in slow breathes. "I...saw you...being chased....I had to help you....I felt bad....About what I said to you in class..."

I patted his shoulder. "Ditto. I was bein rude Mr Darwin." He wiped his brow. The sweat dripping onto his shirt. I blushed but snapped out of it when he said. "Please, call me Adam."

I helped him up onto a seat and looked for a light switch. He pointed over to the corner. "Over by the kitchen." He smiled. The kitchen wasn't what I expected. It was full of old cardboard boxes that once containe chicago pizzas. Scratch cards covered the tables and dirty plates filled the sink to it's brim. I turned to him. " It's disgusting."

He scratched at his head and pulled a face. " I know..." He giggled. "If you want, you could be my cleaner!"

I threw a towel across the room. I hit his face. I clapped. "Score! And... that's unlikely. I can't even clean up my act. Or my life."

Adam sat up and picked up the towel. Tossing it around. "And why is that?"

I opened my mouth to say something witty. But on it's own it closed again. "Life is hard. Dad was.... a danger to the family. Hitting us and slapping us. Mum almost tried to kill herself the last time. It's messed up." I glanced back at the kitchen. Then I faced him again. "Like your kitchen."

Adam stood up and made his way towards me. He placed the towel down on the table next to him. He held out his hand. "Tell you what. I clean up my kitchen, if you clean up your act. Deal?"

I looked reluctantly at him. I could try. I took a step and smiled. Placing my hand in his I felt different. Like I could do anything.

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