~Part 4~

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~I have slightly edited the end of the last chapter to make it easier to understand and for this story TaeTae is a Byun not a Kim. Enjoy ^-^!!

*Time skip to Yoongi going home*

"Mr. Min you are free to go home." Tzuyu, the nurse who had been looking after Yoongi for the past 2 months said grinning widely "Thank you nurse!" Said Yoongi cheerfully jumping out of bed and collecting his normal clothing from Tzuyu before running to the bathroom to get changed. Humming the tune to  Seventeen's Nice Yoongi slipped on his plain white t-shirt and black leather pants,  taking his black jacket off the hanger and slinging it over his shoulder and finishing the outfit with a white snap-back and shades he left the bathroom. Yoongi had forgotten all about what had happened between him and Jimin so he decided to surprise his boyfriend by making his own way to their apartment and bringing a bouquet of flowers. Yoongi got a taxi from the hospital to the florist round the corner from the apartment he shared with Jimin and purchased some red carnations and walked the rest of the way to his apartment, letting himself in using the key under the doormat, he walked toward his boyfriends room and stopped dead in his tracks outside Jimin's door were the sneakers Yoongi had bought Jimin last year at Christmas and a pair of trainers Yoongi remembered seeing his classmate Jungkook wearing during gym class. Yoongi stood frozen when a loud moan of Jimin's name rang through the hallway, dropping the flowers he had bought for Jimin, Yoongi ran out of the house. Yoongi ran all the way to Taehyung's house, and soon as Taehyung  opened the door Yoongi fell into his arms crying "Yoongi, whats wrong?" Taehyung said carrying Yoongi inside and placing him on the couch, Yoongi sniffled before replying "I went home and I heard Jimin cheating on me with Jungkook!" Baekhyun, who was sat in the next room came into the living room slamming the door behind him, "So first, that fucking creep abuses you, then he rapes you and now he is cheating on you. I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL HIM" Baekhyun yells stunning the youngsters into silence, Yoongi finally spoke breaking the silence "How did you know about all that?" he asked "I'm not stupid Yoongi, everyone can see how scared you are of him and you keep coming to school limping," Baekhyun said sitting down next to Yoongi "You have to break up with him! I suggest you text him to minimise the danger." Yoongi nodded taking out his phone.

*Yoongi started a chat*

Yoongi: Hey Jimin, I'm sorry, we have to break up. I know about  you and Jungkook so don't try stop me from leaving you. I will collect my things tomorrow!

Jimin: Oh, you mean this Jungkook? I have been fucking him in our bed for 1 whole year now. Yoongi you are such an idiot to think you can leave me, I will see you tomorrow.

 Yoongi you are such an idiot to think you can leave me, I will see you tomorrow

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Jimin: Aww poor baby, don't worry your face will be the same as Jungkooks tomorrow

*Jimin removed himself from chat*

"Fuck" Yoongi cursed "What!?" Taehyung said hearing the worry in Yoongi's voice, Yoongi didn't say anything as he handed his phone to Taehyung, Hearing Taehyung's gasps as he read the conversation Baekhyun asked Yoongi if he could see, Yoongi nodded solemnly. When Baekhyun had finished reading he turned to Yoongi "You will not go there by yourself tomorrow." He demanded "I have to, if I bring one of you he will know where to find me and it will put you guys in danger." Yoongi turned to Taehyung "Is it okay if I stay here tonight?" "Stay as long as you need." Taehyung said turning to Baekhyun "Chanyeol-Hyung won't mind right?" "Of course not, where is Yoongi going to sleep though?" Baekhyun questioned , "He can sleep in my room on the bed, I will take the floor" "NO!" Yoongi said "You take the bed I will take the floor" "Why don't we both take the bed? I mean... If that is okay with you Yoongi?" Taehyung said blushing, Yoongi just nodded "Sorted" Baekhyun said turning on the TV and putting it onto YouTube "Lets watch BlackPink on Weekly Idol" He said. So the Byun brothers and Yoongi watched Weekly Idol until they were all fast asleep on the couch. Chanyeol arrived home to see his husband asleep on the couch with Taehyung and somebody he didn't recognise but knew instantly that it was probably Yoongi, the boy Taehyung loved so he carried Taehyung and Yoongi to Taehyung's room and placed the in the bed under the covers and then took Baekhyun to their room getting himself and his husband into their PJ's Chanyeol got into bed and fell asleep like the rest of he house.

~Sorry for any mistakes, I hope you guys like this update ^-^

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