Chapter 5

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After spending the day at the Cabellos house yesterday, Lauren went back to her own home today and was bored very easily. She took Poppy on a walk before tidying all of her house up. She still was bored afterwards.

Thankfully she had Sofia who was always fun to talk to which she learnt from all the phonecalls the two girls had. Sofia was currently phoning Lauren and Lauren instantly smiled, she was glad that Sofia felt comfortable enough to tell Lauren all of her problems and thoughts.

L: Hey Sof, whats up?

S: I'm just... Really really bored... My mom and dad were saying that I need to get a new babysitter and I'm just annoyed

L: Why do you need a new one?

S: Because papa found out that Maria the babysitter let me stay up to watch cartoons with her, she's nice to me Lolo, not as nice as you, but she is nice Lolo

L: Of course she's not as nice as me, I'm the nicest person ever!

S: Nope, I am

L: Sofia I will push you down a hill if you say I'm not nice

S: No! You are nice, its just... I'm nicer

L: No you aren't I am!

S: You just said you'd push me down a hill

L: I'd nicely push you down a hill!

S: I like it when you tease me like this Lolo, when you play with me, I miss Kaki doing it too, can I talk and see you again soon?

L: Course you can nugget

S: Okay bye Lolo

L: Bye Sofia

She pulled out her phone and called Dinah.

L: Hey Dinah, I'm bored, when do you, Ally or Mani come off your shifts?

D: We all finish late today Lauser :(

L: erghhh, fine. I'll still come over and hand in the drawings and shit for you

D: great Laur! I actually have to show someone around (its the woman who hasn't even had her kid yet but is looking for day cares) but come see us and if we are all busy just hang in my office

L: k, i'll pack my stuff in the car and go to yours, sew you soon

D: later Lauser

Lauren smiled and got every child friendly drawing she made and put them in her car to take to Dinah.

On the way there, she thought if she would ever find love again and start a family. She always thought that as she made her way to and from Dinah's work place.

During the drive it started to rain heavy and Lauren sighed, because now she would have to either make one huge trip into the building or tons of trips into the building yet ensuring the drawings are all protected from the rain.

Deciding that she didn't want to go in and then out, and then in and then out of the rain repeatedly, she carried as many painting and drawings she created and ran into the building as she attempt to protect them from rain damage. She saw Dinah in the window and was relieved that she was actually in, she successfully opened the gate and turned around to use her butt to push the door open.

She wasn't even facing Dinah before she spoke, "Its pouring down out there Di!" Lauren turned around as she saw Dinah giving a woman a couple of paper forms. The woman wasn't facing Lauren so Lauren didn't see her, not that it matters though, she's just a stranger.

"Oh, hey Lauser! Wanna quickly put them in the room with Mani?" Dinah asked as she pushed Lauren away from the woman.

"Nah, I'll just put them in the office, they're more safe there" Lauren joked as she made her way into the office where the woman was now filing the last of her forms.

Lauren gently put the drawings on the floor before turning around at Dinah and smiling at her. She then made her way past Dinah and walked towards the door. Just then, the woman looked up from the paper forms and made eye contact with Lauren.

"Oh shit" Lauren softly spoke as she looked at the woman's face, she then properly took in the appearance of the woman, the pregnant woman, the woman who still hasn't spoke a thing. Laurens eyes filled up as she looked at the woman in confusion.

The woman pulled a phone from her pocket and typed in, Hi Lauren  before showing it to Lauren. This just made Lauren confused why the hell is she not speaking. The woman saw Dinah and Lauren battle each other silently with their eyes, she then made a slight cough to catch their attention before showing them both her phone, I'm going to go now, thank you D, and I'm sorry Lo. The woman left the room as Lauren spun around to Dinah.

"IDidn'tKnowShe'dBeHere! I tried pushing you in another room so you wouldn't find out yet!"

"When would you have told me?"

"I was gonna get the girls and tell you tonight, I swear, even if I didn't, Mani or Ally would. I just wanted to prepare you for what and who I saw before you actually saw it all for yourself. That was stupid of me" Dinah mumbled at the end.

"It was considerate of you Di, I love you. Thank you. I'm going home now, I need to wrap my head around things, see you"

"Love you Lauser!" Dinah shouted as Lauren walked away.

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