5 - "I'm dropping you guys off at Bobby's."

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"I'm dropping you guys off at Bobby's." My dad says, coming into the motel room.

"How long?"

"Not sure yet." He responds, and I nod.

"Winchesters?" I ask, simply wanting to know if I should bring makeup or not.

"More than likely."

"Got it." I smile.

I love the Winchester boys.

"Don't get too smiley, girl." My dad winks and I just shoot him a look. "I could send you to Ellen and Jo, if you'd rather it."

"I'll pass. I haven't seen Bobby in a long time, and I have a friend in Sioux Falls that I haven't seen in a while."

"You having a friend?" My dad asks, his eye wide. "Sounds fake."

"Fuck you." I laugh, and he just smiles.


"Bobby!" My dad says, walking into the house.

"Mark!" Bobby smiles, and hugs my father.

"Dal." Dean smiles, walking over to me, and hugging me. "We haven't seen each other in a while." He whispers.

"That's true." I whisper back, hugging him tighter.

My dad didn't stick around for long, he was gone within half an hour of dropping us off, and he took Ricki with him, leaving Bobby in charge of a squad of teenagers.

"Pizza for dinner?" He smiles and we all just smile and nod back. "Well, you'll be here for about a month, according to your fathers, so get in the truck, we've got to sign you all up for school."

We all groan. I'd been to Sioux Falls Middle before, and now I'm going to be in Sioux Falls High. They thought I was a weirdo.

"I need to sign these five up for school." Bobby says to the woman at the front desk. "She's a sophomore, he's a junior, and these two are in seventh grade."

"You'll need to take the seventh graders across the street to the middle school, but I can sign these two up, I just need their transcripts."

He hands over two thick folders to the woman, and she looks at them with wide eyes and then recovers with a smile.

"And how are you related to them?"

"I'm their uncle. They're going to be staying with me for a month or two."

"Got it. Bobby Singer, correct? You're the first emergency contact in these." He nods.

"You two will be good to start tomorrow, before you go to class, come here to get your schedules, and there will be someone to bring you around."

"That won't be necessary, we both went to eighth grade here, we know our ways around." Dean says, and I nod.

"Oh, that's right." She looks at the folders. "So just come here and get your schedules. Welcome back to Sioux Falls." She smiles, and we all walk out, an annoyed look on both mine and Dean's faces as we signed up for what feels like our millionth school of this lifetime.

The pizza wasn't very good, but we're in South Dakota, I wasn't expecting the best pizza on the planet.

Dean got the last bed in the house, which is ridiculous, because this is my room, Bobby put my name on the door and everything, which meant that I would have to share the bed with Dean. We've done it before, there's no doubt about it, but I know that he sleeps better with someone at his side. He always has. There have been nights that I'll share a bed with Sammy, for no reason in particular, and I can hear Dean tossing and turning, he never does that when I'm asleep next to me.

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