Chapter Eight: Skeletons

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"Get ready, he is coming." Tigs whispered as he and Clay stood look out down the hall. Jax stood in the cell out of view of the cameras, the guard on duty their ally in all this. Jax stood there, his hands still and his heart calm as his mind pictured Eva's face. There was no choice in this anymore, this son of bitch had to die, and by his hand alone.

"What's goin on, Tigs?" Jimmy said as he walked down the corridor to his room, all them making nice with him over the last few months. They all wanted on his good side, they had to for the plan to work. Jax tensed as Jimmy came into view, the same smile on his face as he walked around like he was innocent.

"Jax? What's going on brother? You here for that commissary?" Jimmy smiled as he ran his hand through his long salt and pepper hair. Jax nodded his head, motioning for Jimmy to sit, his hand concealing the shank he had stolen from the Russians.

"How ya doin Jimmy?" Jax asked as he held his hands behind his back, his shoulder leaning against the wall. He wanted to appear as normal as possible, in a situation that was anything but. He watched as Jimmy pulled a box from under his bunk, the box filled with commissary items such as candy, chips and toothbrushes.

"Good, really good. What ya need Jax? He asked, almost as if he had somewhere else to be. Jax knew that Jimmy was smarter than he let on, shit he had to be to get away with what he did. He was a short man, about 5'6 with long hair and tattoos covering his entire body. From afar he was just an aging biker, but Jax knew better.

"I need you to tell me about Eva, Jimmy. Eva Cortez, my wife." Jax said, watching as Jimmy stopped what he was doing, his head slowly looking up as the color drained from his face. Jax stood up straight as Jimmy just looked at him, the wheels in his head no doubt spinning as Jax looked at Tigs who gave a nod.

"Your wife? How would that happen? I heard a rumor that SAMCRO and The Renegades had joined forces, but marriage—that's good." Jimmy smiled, a nervous laugh escaping him as he knew he was cornered.

"We married to bring the clubs together, our connections and side businesses are keeping both charters alive, but I didn't come here to discuss that." Jax said, his voice low as he knew that his time was running out. He wanted to stick the shank in his neck, but he first wanted to hear him confess what he did.

"What did you come here to discuss, Jax? What do you wanna talk about?" Jimmy asked as he stood up, Jax noticing that he was trying to conceal something in his hand. He straightened up and smirked, knowing that Jimmy's fate was sealed.

"Eva, tell me about her." Jax said, his eyes narrowing as he watched Jimmy sigh and sit back down, he knew he was caught, and that his time was up. His sat there calm for a few moments, Jax feeling anxious as he knew the time would run out soon. The guard could only give them so much time for this, and it was quickly receding.

"What do you want me to say Jax? I am sure she told you the details, or you saw the scars on her body. You want me to say I am sorry, well, fuck that. I know why you are here, and I don't give a shit what you think you are going to do." Jimmy said as he stood, his face inches from Jax who was gripping the shank so hard he was worried he would cut himself.

"So you admit what you did?"

"I admit it, and I know you feel that you have to take me out—go ahead." Jimmy said as he stuck his arm out, stabbing Jax in the chest just under his peck. Jax stumbled back, Jimmy able to get one two more jabs in before Jax slit his throat as fast as he could. Jax winced in pain as he felt blood rushing from his wounds, his hands trying to cover them and failing.

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