Random Poems by Me and Friends

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**Ok so here is number one, by a friend, read and tell me what you think about what he wrote, and you better tell me! I've had enough of getting 12 or more reads and only 2 people who comment!!**

Sometimes on the path we walk on, we get so

down and feel so alone, tired of getting hurt, we

feel like we have no worth, in this world we are

living in, we are pushed around and live in sin.

Finding someone to love us the same, but most of

the time its all a game, we weep and weep

eventually loosing who we are, the knife cuts deep

and leaves a scar, the ones we love eventually

betraying us, we then learn in no one can we trust,

we stray away from so called friends, our own

rules we have to bend, we want to just be alone,

our hearts are sometimes forced to turn to stone,

we walk away to see who would follow, which

eventually leads to more sorrow, sadden by the

fact who you think would follow, doesn't even care

if you die or live to see tomorrow, everyone cares

about themselves and not much about others,

they hurt and rip apart feelings of one another, we

just wish for one person to outshine the rest, some

do not find them others are blessed, you keep telling

everyone you're alright when deep inside no one

hears your cries, sometimes the wait seems to

long, but you try to motivate yourself to be strong,

you hope and prayer for that miraculous day, for

the person who could come and take your breath

away, don't give up waiting, it is not over

till your body is left lifeless and you are dead..

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