Chapter 14

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Huskey's Pov

Did Mitch just- HE DID! I did that a long time ago and my other form went out of whack till Mudkipz came back. I'm just a mudkip though, Mitch is a demon. This can' t be good. "Mitch, trust me. That's not a good idea." I said.

"What are you talking about?" Ty asked.

"Shush Ty." Jason said. Could he see Bajan and Mudkipz too?

"Well if he want to then fine. I'll see you later half-blood." Bajan then disappeared.

"I don't need him." Mitch muttered.

"Do you realize how bad this is?" Mudkipz asked me.

'The worst thing I did was accidentally spit a little water on a few papers. Mitch is a demon/blaze. He could burn the whole forest down!'  

"Mitch what did you do?" Sky asked.

"I said I don't need Bajan." Mitch replied.

"You realize that Bajan was one of the reasons your powers haven't gone out of control." Sky said. 

"Then he was just holding me back." Mitch said.

"Mitch once I did the same thing to mudkipz. It was fine for a few hours but then my hybrid form went completely out of control. I'm a mudkip, the worst I can do it throw a ball of mud or spit up water. You're a demon, you could burn the forest down." I stepped in.

"I won't." Mitch said.

"Stand up." Seto commanded.

Mitch had no idea why Seto wanted him to do it but he did. The grass he was sitting on was scorched. 

"Let me make a call." Sky said. He must have called up Cyber or somebody. "Can you call Bajan in the Aither?"

A screen was ejected from his amulet with Bajan on it. "What is it Adam?" He seemed annoyed.

"Listen here Canadian. This is Skybrine not Adam. You need to get back here with Mitch before he burns anything down." Sky commanded.

"Sorry brine but I can't come back till he either needs me or wants me." Bajan said. "I'll tell Alesa you said hi." He then hung up.

Sky did not look happy. "Is he always that way?" Jason asked.

Sky sighed. "Unfortunately yes." He said. "Archers tend to that way."

"So now we have two problems. We have to get Bajan back and try to find a way to change Jerome back." I said.

"I kind of like this form." Jerome said. "People might stare at me but other than that I like it."

"So we just have to keep Mitch calm till Bajan comes back." I said.

"Sounds easy." Ty replied.

"It won't be." I said. "He's a part blaze and tend to be a little hot-headed. He is also a demon that can't control his powers."

"I can." Mitch muttered.

"No you can't Mitch." Sky said. "You can argue with Huskey all you want but I know the truth. Unlike Adam I use my powers. You can't hide anything from me."

"I can control my powers." Mitch argued.

"You can USE them not CONTROL them." Sky said. "Seto, could you keep an eye on Mitch till Bajan comes back. I don't need a forest fire."

"I said I can control them!" Mitch yelled. 

Sky looked at him and took off his glasses. I never noticed but his pupils were an unnatural golden yellow. "The color of your hair says otherwise." He said.

A strip of Mitch's hair had changed to a orange color. It was most likely from his blaze side. "Leave my hair out of this." Mitch muttered. "That happens whenever I get angry."

"I never told you this but I can read minds." Sky said. "Your hair has never done this and you're not sure how you did it."

"You better stop this before I blow my top!" Mitch yelled.

"Come at me blaze." Sky said raising an eyebrow.

Mitch pulled out his sword and ran toward Sky. Before he could hit Sky something blocked his sword. Sky held an enchanted golden sword in his hand. He had his eyes shut like he wasn't even interested.

"Are you just going to sit there sleeping or are going to actually try?" Mitch asked.

"You want me to try?" Sky asked.

"You challenged me." Mitch said.

Sky started laughing. It seemed too frighten Mitch slightly. "You asked for it." Sky opened his eyes but they had changed. Instead of seeming somewhat normal they were now a full glowing yellow. He really was Herobrine's son.

Seto panicked and set up a forcefield around everyone except Mitch and Sky. This wasn't going to end well.

Sky stood up and held his sword up. Mitch rushed toward him, sword reading to swing. In an instant Sky sped by Mitch while swinging. They stood still for a minute. Sky turned around to look at Mitch and put his sword away. "I forgot to tell you what my sword was enchanted with." He said. "It's enchanted with something called freeze. It does exactly that. It freezes my opponent with a single touch and doesn't allow them to move till I say so. Have fun staring at trees till tomorrow morning."

"Maybe Bajan will come back over night to help him." Ty said.

"That's kind of the plan." Sky said. "Come on. Let's get going."


I just wanted to give a shoutout to my good friends , Detective501, and joeygraceffa16lover because they all ate Taco Bell with me during a field trip(our school is weird). We all know eachother in real life and they are awesome. They don't write YouTuber books but their books are still amazing and hilarious. Bye guys!


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