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Stiles, Derek and the teenage pack members stepped out of their cars in the school parking lot.

Cora seemed a little nervous but Lara assured her that she had it arranged so she would be taking classes with her. People noticed that they were being rather couple like, Cora looked a little self conscious but she had relaxed when some if the people Lara knew had went up to them and told them how cute they were.

Unfortunately, people had noticed Derek as well, the girls whispered to each other, Stiles catching the words 'hot' and 'sexy' which made him kind of want to make out with him in the parking lot just to make sure people would know he was taken. But it wasn't just the girls who took notice of him, ot was also some of the guys as well but they were mostly looking at his Camaro.

So in general, the pack was the sight of the parking lot.

Derek walked over to stiles, leaning against his jeep with his leather jacket, Raybands and a white smile. "You smell... What's wrong? Did I do something?" He asked, his smile faltering.

Stiles laughed. "No, just people were looking at you, that's all." Derek leaned closer, his face inches away from Stiles'.

"Are they looking now?" He purred gently.

Stiles' eyes darted around the parking lot, even coach was staring at them. "You've basically got the whole schools attention."

Derek smirked, a mischievous look behind those sunglasses. "Good." He leaned closer, "Because then I can do this." He muttered before catching his lips in a kiss and wrapping his arms around the boy's waist.

Stiles heard a few gasps but he ignored them. They finally pulled away. "Get to class." Derek said with a wink, stiles nodded as Scott and Jackson dragged him towards the School.

They steered him away from the herd of people with stupid questions and towards coach's class.

After taking their seats coach stepped in and Stiles prayed to God that he wouldn't bring it up because the man had a habit for talking about gossip rather than teaching. Sadly, today was no exception.

Literally the moment he walked in he turned the whole lesson towards stiles. "So what's the name of your boyfriend, stilinski?" Coach practically announced, sitting on his desk and facing stiles, as did the whole class.

Stiles looked at Scott. He shrugged, he couldn't help him. "Um. He's Derek." Stiles responded shyly, wishing something would happen that would turn the subject away from him.

"Wait you're gay?!" Greenburg practically screamed, making the werewolves in the class wince.

"shut it Greenburg." Coach snapped, sometimes Stiles felt sorry for the kid.

Just then, Lara walked in with Cora. She gave Stiles the I'm-coming-to-save-you look as she mentioned him to stand up. "Stiles needs to show Cora around the place, I'm supposed to, but my little sister is sick and I have to take her home." Coach nodded, falling for the lie. It was only when the three were half way down the hall did they speak.

"You are the sister I never had." Stiles sighed in relief.

Lara smiled. "aha well you actually do need to show her around as I am breaking into the Wendigo residence for my stuff."

Stiles frowned. "Did Derek let you?" He asked.

Lara grinned. "Yeah, they are all either working or in school so I'll catch you all later." She called, walking towards the exit.

It was around the time they would be back and Derek didn't want to talk to Peter about Stiles. Please, anything else.

"When are you gonna tell him you're mates?" Peter asked, halfway through a jar of nutella. Derek swore everytime he saw the man, he was eating something. No wonder they ran out of Nutella so quickly, Peter was burning through it faster than it took for Scott to get on his nerves.

Derek scowled. "I think you better calm down with the nutella there, Peter. It makes you think like an idiot. I'm not going to yet, I don't want to overwhelm him."

Peter put the spoon down and leaned forward, a knowing smirk on his face. "Have you had sex yet?" He asked with a wiggle of the eyebrows.

"Even if we did do you really think I'd tell you?" He said cocking his head and pulling a beer from the fridge, they usually had to hide them from the teens.

"fair enough." Peter allowed, resuming his attack on the nutella. Derek rolled his eyes.

Stiles, Allison and Lydia walked in, the first to arrive.

Derek smiled and went over to greet him with a firm kiss on the lips. He'd missed stiles all day.

"Hey, Der." Stiles mumbled as they broke away. Derek smiled, grabbing his hand, heading to the living room with Stiles explaining that Lydia had got him, Scott, Allison and Jackson out of class a little early so they could leave early and avoid the stupid questions that had perused them all day. Jackson and Scott had gone to their own homes to get some clothes and say hi to their families.

As they sat on the sofa, Derek tensed as he caught his scent. Usually that would be fine but stiles smelt... Different.

Derek furrowed his eyebrows and stuck his face in the boys neck, inhaling the familiar sweet scent with a hint of perfume and some girl who was not part if the pack.

"you smell like you were with a girl." Derek said bluntly, his wolf panicking and worrying at what this could mean. 'what if he likes her better than us?! What did we do to make him not want us?!'

Stiles studied the worry and annoyance in his face and his own broke into a big smile. "Are you... Jealous?"

Derek growled in answer and buried his face in Stiles' neck, positioning them so they were both lying on the sofa, Derek half on top of him so he could scent him better. Stiles took that as a 'yes'.

"okay, okay, its fine. Look she's just a friend." Stiles assured, getting comfortable to calm down Derek's hyper-affectionate and protectively jealous wolf by submitting to the scenting. "Louise is my lab partner for chem which is my last period, and if it makes you feel any better I find you waaaay more attractive than her, okay?"

Derek purred with satisfaction as he nuzzled Stiles again, gently falling into a deep sleep.

Stiles sighed. He didn't know wether he should tell Derek that he maybe overheard their little conversation but Derek sleeping against him was way more important than that right now, so he thought he would save that conversation for a more appropriate moment.

So instead, he picked up Stephen Kings' IT from under the coffee table and began to read, occasionally stopping to watch the alpha sleep, he looked more peaceful when he was resting.









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