Chapter 26

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Harry's P.O.V

I sighed deeply as I walked back inside, running a hand through my hair. I had talked to Allie for what felt like hours. She was ready to make up with Gemma . She knew that she didn't mean what she said and I only hoped that Gemma wanted to make up with Allie.

"How'd it go?"

My head turned to the side so fast I cricked my neck. "Oh, Dad," I said in relief. "It went well, I think. Allie wants to make up with Gemma."

Robin nodded in approval. "Good. She needs a girl like Allie in her life."

"Yeah," I said awkwardly. I barely talked to my dad, just because he worked at nights and I was in school during the day.

I nodded at him and walked up the stairs, passing Gemma's room, hearing Louis talking and I flopped on my bed, sighing as I did so. I stared at my ceiling, just wanting to go to sleep after my long day.

"Tired?" Louis asked, leaning against my door frame.

I sat up. "Yes," I sighed. "This peace-making stuff is hard."

Louis chuckled and came to sit next to me. "Tell me about it. Gemma just swore at me for a solid fifteen minutes."

That took me by surprise. "Really?"

"Really," Louis nodded. "She's really upset that she hurt Allie's feelings. She loves her."

"She has a shitty way of showing it," I muttered.

"She's scared," Louis answered tightly. "She's worried that Allie won't love her as much as she loves her."

I snorted. "Allie loves her more than she'll ever love her."

Louis turned to face me. "How do you know that? Did you just talk to her for an hour?"

I was stung by his harsh tone. "Did you just talk to Allie for an hour? No, I did! And I know my sister!"

"You're a boy," Louis countered. "You might know Gemma but you don't know girls."

My mouth dropped. "That's so sexist!"

Louis scoffed. "Right, like how the guy is automatically the bad guy?"

"Gemma was using Allie like a toy!" I exclaimed. "All she wanted to do was sleep with her all the time!"

Louis shoo, his head in exasperation. "Wow."

"What's "wow?" I countered. "What."

"Just how ignorant you are!" Louis yelled.

My jaw dropped yet again. "Oh I'm ignorant? I'm the ignorant one?"

"Yes you are!" Louis yelled. "Because all you do is assume things!"

"Really? What do I assume then?" I said, sarcasm lining my tone.

"Everything!" Louis exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air. "You automatically assumed I was a bad boy just because I had a piercing!"

"Everyone said you were a bad boy!" I defended myself. "What was I supposed to think?"

"Maybe get to know me?" Louis yelled. "Maybe not just think that I'm mean and rude and going to hurt you?"

"Then stop acting like it!" I shouted. "Stop acting like something you're not!"

Louis shot me a dark look and stood up, looming over me, intimidating me. "Like you?" He said, pausing. "Take your own advice, Harry."

He left then, slamming my door and my lungs hurt, like I couldn't breathe. Louis and I had just properly fought for the first time, and I think that he just broke up with me. I almost gasp out loud when I realize something else. He called me Harry. He never calls me by my first name, not ever.

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