Authors Note 2.0

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Hey Losties! I know most of you must be shipping Peter and Wendy. TBH so am I.

Fun fact #1: Wendy is based off of myself. I made most of her traits mine. Some things are not true

Fun fact #2: I originally though of this story while I was dreaming.

I hope you enjoy the story and find multiply ships inside. If you come up with some ship names place them in the comments. Also in the comments if you come up with a fandom about the story don't be afraid to share it.

So far I have no ship names from you guys. I have a couple in my head but I will share them only if you guys give me some as well.

Love Jackie<3

P.s the picture above is from the end of last school year. A baby deer came up and started to sleep in the corner of my schools walls. It was there for at least eight hours. I thought it was a magical and amazing moment and thought it could connect to how the magical experiences in the story are going. It is a example of how even the loudest place on earth can sooth a tiny creature.

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