Chapter Five » He Leaves

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Tears suddenly filled my eyes, as my shaky hand reached towards his face. Seeing the handsome man stare at me. Shock evident on his features.

" Aazeen, why are you crying?" he whispered. His large hands cupping my cheeks, making me inhale sharply. My breathing labouring. I could see Yaseen face twist with fear and mortification, as the strong of his arms wrapped around me. Pulling me against his hard body.

" Yaseen, please don't go. Don't leave please" I gasped out. Gripping against his large frame. Feeling him, hold me tightly. His lips pressing on to my forehead.

" I'm not going anywhere. I promise baby" his soft voice spoke. Echoing across my ears. As I felt myself falling down a deep hole. My screams muffled, echoing all around me.

" Yaseen" I cried out loudly . Feeling cold sweats drench my body. As my eyes shot open. My breathing laboured.

The thin of my form, shook violently. As I sat up. Feeling tears run down my cheeks. My heart slamming wildly. Looking through my blurred vision.

I could feel my gaze land on a large figure. Sitting down on the floor. His back facing me.

Too shaken up, I reached towards my cheeks, closing my eyes tightly. It's a dream. Just a dream.

Opening my eyes, I looked ahead at The large double french doors, seeing them open. Allowing the warm breeze to enter the large room.
As my eyes stared at the figure, seeing him turn his face towards his right shoulder, and then, to his left.

His hands raised in prayer, as he whispered something; before standing up, and folding the prayer Matt. Feeling my heart slam against my chest, I could see him turn around.

His gaze landing on me. A soft look plastered his features, as he stared at me, as though he was witnessing something only visible to him.

His once Pashtun attire, was now replaced with a tailored black suit. The black of his hair was styled to the side, as he offered a soft smile. Making me look away.

Swallowing down my dry throat. I looked around the bed. Seeing a blanket cover my legs. I didn't remember putting a blanket. I mentally whispered, looking around for my veil. Spotting it beside me.

Reaching towards it. I quickly put it on, covering my hair. Inhaling sharply. I stood up. Feeling the heavy dress pool around me.

Feeling my throat tighten. I ignored his intense gaze, as I walked towards the black duffel bag. Feeling my shaky hands, open it. Revealing the contents inside.

Reaching towards a long cream dress. I held a matching scarf, with gold thread sequence around it. Making the fabric stand out.

" We need to leave in an hour " he spoke. Making me nod, without looking at him. Walking towards the large luxurious bathroom. I closed the door, seeing his reflection in the mirror. As he gazed at the city before him, the sharp of his jaw tightening in anger.

A good half an hour passed. As I stepped out of the warm bathroom. Feeling the warm steam hit against my back. Closing the door softly, I looked around the room. Seeing a small pillar next to the wall, overlooking the city. As the T.V played in the background. Filling my ears.

Feeling nervous, I swallowed down my tightened throat. Mustering my courage, I stepped away from the bathroom and in to the large room.

Holding my heavy wedding dress in my hands. I walked towards the bed, placing it neatly on it.

A slow sigh escaped my lips. As the warm breeze hit against my body, making it relax. Looking straight ahead. I felt my eyes wander on the open Windows, seeing the breeze hit against the trees. Allowing it to move elegantly, dancing to the unknown melodic tunes.

Hearing the door close behind me. I stood up, seeing Ammar walk inside. Coming to an abrupt stop. His eyes landing on mine. Inhaling, I offered him a small smile. Seeing his eyes widen.

An awkward silence fell on us. As he spoke, clearing his throat. " I've ordered breakfast they should be.. " he started when suddenly a loud knock erupted through the large room. Giving me one last look, he retreated towards opening it quickly.

" Thank you " he spoke. As he pulled a trolley inside, filled with food. Pushing it towards the sofas around the table. He pulled the dishes open. Allowing the warm Smell of toast reach my nose. Making my mouth water.

I'm famished. I mentally whispered seeing Ammar nod at me. Indicating me to come and sit. Inhaling softly. I rounded the corner. Sitting opposite him, as he placed the food on the table.

" In the name of Allah' . He whispered softly, biting on a piece of toast. As I reached towards the warm tea and jam biscuits. Whispering the prayer before eating, I took a small bite. Seeing him glance at me from time to time.

Looking down at my hands. I could see the dark maroon colour of henna on my hands, as the gold bangles echoed against my movements.

" I'm Ammar" he said softly, making me glance up at him. Seeing his gaze fixed mine. The sort of look, that felt as though, your soul was but a white see through veil in the beholder gaze.

Swallowing down my biscuit. I nodded, biting against my lower lip in nervousness.

" I'm Aazeen" I spoke slowly. Seeing something within his eyes flash, but it soon disappeared, the moment it came.

A heavy silence fell on us. One, that wasn't awkward. As he inhaled slowly, his voice echoing across the room. Making me tense.

" You'll be going to Mardan. I won't be coming. I leave for Kuwait in two hours"

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