Chapter Five » He Leaves

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A heavy silence fell on us. A deafening silence, which resided in each corner. Making ones breathing halt. The one, in which all you can do is stare, as the slamming of your heart. Numbs your ears.

I could feel my eyes widening. A mixture of fear and confusion lurking through me. As the large man, stared at me. His eyes too, widening.

It was as though, someone had whispered a tale of reality. Making him stiffen, his large figure backing away. The once relaxed look, plastered on his features. Now, painted one of utter emotionless.

Swallowing down my dry throat, I glanced at my heavy wedding dress, feeling exposed without my veil. Hugging my body, I looked around noticing, my veil on the bed.

As if sensing my hesitation. The large man before me reached forward. Holding it in his hands. Glancing up, his intense stare had me tensing. Making me look down.

Unsure of his motives, I backed away from him. Seeing a sudden emotion flash in his eyes. As he spoke. His voice hoarse.

" I apologise, I didn't mean to frighten you" he spoke confidently, making him step forward. The strong of his arms lifting, as he placed the veil on top of my head, before placing the ends of it across my chest. Allowing, the familiar sense of security wash over me.

Feeling my eyes widen. I glanced up, seeing him take a step back. His charcoal gaze never leaving mine.
"You should rest, it's been a long day" he murmured softly. His back now facing me.

Ammar, who once stood before me. Walked towards the large door, opening it, before closing it with a slam. Leaving me confused and boggled, to my thoughts.

What just happened? I mentally whispered, yet tiredness suddenly, overwhelmed me. Consuming my body.

Sleep Aazeen, just for tonight, forget the world. I mentality whispered. Striding towards the bed tired.

I found myself laying down on the comfy mattress, allowing sleep to consume. Just before everything darkened, I could hear the door opening again, yet my lack of strength refused any movements or acknowledgment. As sleep finally dawned on me.

"'Aazeen, wake up. You've been sleeping for hours" a soft voice whispered beside me, making me groan. Whacking the hand away which was constantly, shaking my form.

" Come on baby. Wake up, I need to go" spoke the voice again. As warm lips trailed across my cheek.

As if burnt. My eyes shot open, looking around.

" Finally " A voice breathed beside me . Making my eyes glance around the familiar room, seeing a handsome man sit beside me. His raven hair disheveled, and his dark eyes looking at me accusingly.

" Yaseen?" I whispered. Seeing him sit beside me, dressed in the finest of tailored suit, his eyes twinkling and a frown covering his features.

" Who else. Babes, I'm getting late, help me with my tie?" he mumbled softly. Handing me the black tie, as he shuffled across the bed. Nearing me, his familiar strong cologne. Whiffing through my nose. He was here, but how could he.

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