One Direction boyxboy *one shots*

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Helloo my lovlies!!

I've decided to make this story as a kind of folder to keep all my oneshots. Every chapter is a brand new story, and i will focus on my fave bromances and the most popular ones ;)

<3 <3 Larry <3 <3

<3 <3 Niam <3 <3

Mostly those lol ^

But i confess, im starting to warm up to LiLo (Louis/Liam) Thanks to 'forevermystic' :)

but if you peeps have any favourite bromances then just leave them in the comments and i'll see if i can come up with anything :D

but until then, please enjoy my current work 'More than we seem' which is infact a Larry slash ;)

Now run along my childeren....

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