Chapter One ~ Father's Day

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Eleanor's POV

In my Honda accord, I pulled into one of the parking spaces to the Falls Church Preschool and Daycare here in Falls Church city, Virginia. I actually just came from church and that lovely afternoon service we had but now it was 1 o'clock and time to pick up my daughter.

Walking in the Daycare, I'm greeted by all the drawings and paintings on the colorful red walls. But then it hit me. ....It was father's day.

Why was father's day such a big deal to me? Well it's because my daughter doesn't actually have a father in her life--...well not her biological one. The men at the church help me out with her from time to time and to make her feel normal but still. It's hard to watch your daughter growing up without a completed family like many of the kids around her.

Going up to room 30 in particular, I opened the door and stepped inside the large classroom. "Mommy!" Bran spotted me immediately, running up from playing with the blocks on the table.

I smiled instantly as she ran into my arms and picked up my bundle of joy from missing her all day. "Hey. You have fun at school today?" I kissed her cheek.

"Yeah. We-we did finger paint and I had so much fun" she wiggled her hand.

"Aw. Did you make mommy something?" I put her down.

"Yeah" she pulled me to the table with pictures. She then picks up a piece of paper and explains her artwork by showing it to me.

 She then picks up a piece of paper and explains her artwork by showing it to me

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"I made a mommy elephant and a baby elephant. Miss Melody said I could make a mommy elephant for today"

"Oh it's so nice honey but why she tell you to make a mommy elephant?"

"Because I told her that I don't have a daddy. So she said make a mommy" she looked up.

"Oh, well mommy loves your elephants. They're so pretty like you. Can you go get your jacket and backpack for me though"

She nodded her head and ran away towards her classroom cubbies, picking up her tiny bookbag and coat from off the rack. While my daughter was doing as told, I respectfully pulled Miss Melody, her teacher, aside.

"Hello, Mrs Ford" she smiled.

"Hello. I was just wondering about how Brandi did today?"

"She did amazing. She really enjoyed painting as well"

"Mm. About that, I heard she told you that she doesn't know her dad"

"Yeah, I would've never guessed that she doesn't have a father. But you know many of kids here do...and we did a lot of activities today based off father's day"

"Like what...activities?" I raised my eyebrows at the small blonde haired woman.

"Well we made cards for the da1ds, then we drew them pictures, we shared stories--"

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