Who Are You, Again?

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Rooted to his spot still with a frozen expression etched on the sides of his pale face now, the rose dropped from Tushar's hand as he head some female sniffles. He didn't have to guess it twice that it was indeed Tina who had unexpectedly embraced him whilst now she was once again in tears. Was it because of him that she was crying? Did he actually touched a sensitive topic for her?

Ofcourse, his hands still stood on his either sides because he didn't dared to touch her in that vulnerable state. The reason being obvious, that she was in a state of an emotional breakdown and if he made a move, it will just prove him like other men who took advantage of such situations.

And he can never go back on his words, no matter how much he wished to hold her and comfort her? He knew the second she will come back to her senses, she might regret it hence he stood rigid because he can't handle the ache his fragile heart might feel if she didn't liked his touch on her. 

Surely, he remembered the two times where he had scooped her up in his arms and she didn't have lashed at him, but those were those uncertain times where she was in need of him, but now was she in need of his everlasting comfort? Did she needed his solace? But the thing that troubled him more was that, was she angry on him? Ofcourse, he didn't wanted to make her feel uncomfortable. All he wanted was to spend one evening with her and exchange few words of friendship and companionship. More like letting her know him!

Thoughts after thoughts, whirled inside his mind, not giving him the space to even wrap his arms around her, but then as the husband in him took a full control of his body, he circled his arms slowly around her small waist. His eyes closed on their own accord as the sense of satisfaction coursed through his every muscle. All that mattered to him in that moment was that his love was in his arms. She might not love him or care for him like the way he did, but still the fact won't change that he was the only one in her life for a long time now,or maybe for an eternity too.

"Shhhhh...it's going to be okay". Tina heard his calm tone and her eyes which were till now closed shedding the tears of helplessness jolted open in mili second. She pulled back from him, shocked at her own reaction. His arms still lingered on her waist whilst she was still in his private line.

She never intended to initiate a hug, but seeing the depressed look on his face, she herself didn't knew what came over her senses. It felt like some external force took the control and made her scoot closer to him. Or was it because she knew for the fact that her husband doesn't deserve the rejection of her vindictive past. He doesn't deserve to be in pain because she wasn't strong enough to deal with her insecurities. He was letting her lead their relationship, so wasn't it her place too, to atleast make him smile if not love him? Obviously, it was and she was supposed to do the rightful thing which is what she was going to do.

He moved back from her, slowly his hands too falling on his sides and dejected he turned around to leave, as a stray tear threatened to spill out any moment from his eye.

But to his disbelief, he felt a tug at his wrist making him halt further in his steps.

He turned his head a little to see Tina holding his wrist. Then she left it slowly and bending down, she picked up the rose that still was on the floor beside her feet. Stroking the petals of the rose, she asked hesitantly, "Won't we have dinner?"

Stunned, he turned his body to study her face whilst she walked upto the table and waited for him to join her. When he didn't joined her even after a full one minute, she said something which she never thought she will speak ever to any male.

"I am still waiting for you to pull this chair out in a gentleman way for me, Tushar. Are you going to let your girlfriend stand here till the sunrise?"

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