Chapter 14

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If you're falling for 2 people at once . Decide who you wanna stay with and don't string them along .

-Emily Lockser (Juvia's ancestor the girl Juvia is reincarnated to)

Flashback to 1864 : Third persons point of view :

It was common day in London . The bakers baking . The swordmen practicing . And the fair maidens taking delicate strolls around town batting their eyelashes at the young gentlemen they found interest in . All except for one . Emily Lockser . She was more of a hunter girl . She liked horses . She loved to fence every once in a while and one of her favorite hobbies was reading besides helping her father out in the stables and gardening with the servants they had .

Natsu Dragneel the ladies man . He was everything the young ladies parents wanted for their daughters . But he was a player and had broken a few hearts while being at it . That is until he met Emily .

Lyon Vastia . Hard working man . Another guy smooth with the ladies but he really didn't find the one for him yet . He always treated the women with kindness and respect and gave assistance if needed . He found the one and that was Emily . But there was one slight problem . She fell in love with the both of them . She didn't know who to pick .

Flashback of storytime ends :

Now in the present time :

I seriously wonder where we're going . We suddenly stop at a park . He gets off and helps me take my helmet off . I lay my eyes on the set of swings and run up to them and start swinging myself on one of them . Lyon chuckles and swings me but i'm facing him . "So i'm guessing i picked a good place to hang ?" he asks with a raised eyebrow and a smile . "Yes you picked the best place . " I tell him . He smiles more and continues to swing me .

"So Lyon tell me about yourself ?" i ask him out of nowhere while still swinging . "Well what would you like to know ?" He asks me . I think . "Well what's it like to be one of the best players on your team but at the same time the one with the best grades in the whole school?" i ask him . "Well it just takes alot of focus and dedication. I make a balance between studies and sports . Ya know like divide the schedual . " He tells me and i nod .

"What about you? What's it like to date a vampire and deal with grades and his drama ? " he asks me . "Well ...i'll admit it's kind of hard in a way . Because i changed for him and honestly he still asks for more . Like how he wants me to be friends with Lucy and all that . It's frustrating . As for my grades it just comes naturally . Guess you could say I'm a nerd . " I tell him shrugging at the last part . He chuckles and stops swinging me and holds the side of my face in one of his hands .

"Nerds are cute . Also you would never have to change for me . I like you just the way you are . Just know that ...that I'm always here for you Juvia . " He tells me and kisses my nose and then my forehead . I close my eyes and smile . I wish i had moments like these with Natsu . More soft and romantic maybe even a little corny . Natsu's more of a dominant horny blood thirsty guy . I mean he has his soft spots but he's more of a hard shell .

I sigh deeply . He looks into my eyes . "What's wrong ?" he asks me . "Nothing . " I shake my head and smile at him . For the rest of the time we just continue to talk about ourselves and tell eachother jokes . Now we're laying on the grass, gazing at the stars . "It's so beautiful . " I say amazed by the beautiful sight above us . "Just like you . " He lays his head on his palm and looks at me . I stare into his deep blue ocean eyes .

Suddenly i get this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach . I'm saved though when my phone rings showing an unknown number . I answer it . "Hello?" i answer . "Someone ! ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!" i hear someone scream. What the hell ? "PLEASE!!! DON'T KILL ME!!" I hear what sounds like a womans voice . Tears are starting to form in my eyes . "There's no where you can run to ." i hear Natsu's voice . I hang up .

"Juvia what was that?" Lyon asks me . I look at him . "I don't know but it's eating me inside can you take me home?" i tell him with an uneasy feeling . He just nods and gets on his bike me following close behind him . I sit and he puts the helmet on me and ties it under my chin .

The ride was silent but yet it was comfortable . Once we get there i jump off and run inside Lyon following close behind me . I hear slamming noises in one of the rooms so i follow the sounds . Once i'm close enough i realize that it's coming from Natsu's room . I get in to see something that broke my heart . I literally felt it shatter .

Natsu and Lucy are making out and there's a dead womans body on the i see why there was a commotion in the phone call . I run out of the room . Lyon saw what was going on so he came running after me .I didn't realize I was crying until I put my hands in my face . I start sobbing loudly . That hurt like a bitch . It really fucking hurt . One because he killed someone and two because they were kissing.

"Juvia..." I don't say anything . "Juvia ...I...I'm sorry you had to go through that . " Lyon tells me . I'm leaning against his bike hugging myself . "I-it's fine..." I manage to choke out . He shakes his head . "No it's not . But I have a feeling that he didn't have control of what he was doing ." He tells me and lifts my chin up for me  to look at him .

"I promise that we'll figure this out . But now you need to rest . C'mon I'll take you back to your place . " He tells me and we both get on the bike and he rides us back to my house . Once we get there i run into the house leaving the door open behind me . Lyon walks in .

"So I'll just leave then and uh I'll pick you up tomorrow for school. "He says but before he can leave i grab him by the arm and cling to it . "Don't leave...please stay with me..." I tell him almost crying again . He sighs deeply and closes the door . "If it makes you happy then i will . " He says and we both walk up the stairs . This is gonna be a long night .

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