Chapter 13

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"...and that my fellow classmates is why you should recycle . " Lucy finishes saying her oral report . Ugh she tries to look so nice now and it's just getting me pissed off already . Now everyone likes her and she even is friends with Erza.

Don't get me wrong i mean she might have changed but something is just so off about the way she acts . Like what are the odds of being suspended for 5 weeks and then have a change like that . The bell rings and I walk out . I go to my locker and see Lucy and ...Natsu ...hugging...okay what the hell happened here .

I pass by them and they don't even notice me . I see Lyon ahead and I immediatly walk up to him. He smiles at me and beats me to it by getting over to me first . "Hey ." he smiles showing off his dimples . "Hey..." i say back . "So I'm guessing that vampire boy made up with the witch bitch . " He says and I look at him confused . "Witch bitch...what are you talking about Lyon?"

"Well she is a witch and that's why she gets what she wants . " He tells me . I slowly nod my head . "So I was meaning to ask you if you wanted to hang out sometime . " He asks me . I think about it for a few seconds and look back at Natsu and Lucy chatting and brightly smiling . Didn't he threaten to kill her and almost ripped her head off 5 weeks ago ...what the hell...

I look back at Lyon and nod my head yes smiling . "Yes i'd love to hang out . " He smiles brightly . "Great . When and where ?" he asks me . "I don't know you go ahead and pick and surprise me. " I playfully nudge him and he laughs . "Sure . I'll pick you up at 7 tonight . Oh and wear somehthing cute but comfy . " He tells me and looks at his phone . "Well i gotta go to soccer practice . See you tonight Juvs . " He kisses my cheek and runs off .

I kinda blush and smile . I go to my locker and put my books away . But before i get to close my locker well someone slams it shut . I jump back a bit scared . I look up to meet with a dark onyx green eyed Natsu . He looks pissed as hell . I gulp . "What in the fucking hell was he doing near you and kissing you ?!" he asks me ...more like screams . Thank the heavens most people have left .

"Shut the hell up . I don't get what you're talking about since you and witch bitch over there were all huggie huggie and joke talk . " I tell him and walk away from him . He speeds infront of me . "She's now my friend okay . And plus she came to say sorry and she wants to apoligize to you . She was just jealous but she said she wants to be friends okay . " He tells me . "Bullshit Dragneel . First you hate her and now you're friends with her . " I tell him mad .

"Look Via i thought you would reason with her . She really means it . She wants to be friends . " He tells me running a hand through his hair . "Well you thought wrong Dragneel. " i pass him by like he was the wall . He runs after me outside . "Okay so that's it you're not gonna give her a chance . And i thought you were actually different . "He says . Oh he just barked up the wrong fucking tree .

I turn around to face him . "Yeah i am . But i don't trust her . You said it yourself she can't be trusted. Now all the sudden you guys are besties foreveresties. I honestly dont get you sometimes Natsu ..." i say . "Look at least think about it . " He says and i sigh . "Fine i'll think about it . " i say .

"Now let's go home . I need to get ready for hanging out with my buddy . " I tell him . He shakes his head . "I warned you  about him . " He told me . I shrug and get in the car . "You're friends with Lucy Bitchfilia . So don't even . " I tell him . "He sighs and starts the car . "I'm not even gonna argue with you Via . " He says and we drive out . "Yeah don't . " I tell him .

Timeskip to a few minutes before Lyon arrives to pick up Juvia :

I look at myself in the mirror . Yep seems good and cute enough . I'm wearing a dress that ends above my knees with a long sleeve cardigan along with my combat boots . As for my hair it's in a messy bun . My phone dings meaning i got a text . I unlock my phone to see it's from Lyon .

Lyon 😃: Hey, I'm waiting outside the gate .

Me: KK I'm walking down the stairs and ready .

Lyon 😃: Sure thing , and watch your step princess. 😘

I just leave him on read . I lock my phone and walk in the living room . I see Lucy sitting on our couch with Natsu . I roll my eyes and she notcices me and gives me a sly smirk . I glare at her . Natsu notices my glare but not her smirk because she turns it into an innocent smile . Natsu shakes his head dissapointed . I sigh . "I'm going now i won't be gone for too long though . " I tell them . Suddenly Natsu speeds up to me and holds my face .

He closes the gap between us and kisses me passionately . I take the opportunity and wrap my arms around his neck slipping my tongue inside his mouth . He wraps his arms around my waist and plays with my tongue . After a few minutes someone clears their throat .

"Umm Juvia you wouldn't wanna leave your escort hanging would you . Hehe . " She says pointing out to the door and fake smiling . I make Natsu's back face her and rub his little friend through his pants for a few seconds until it wakes up if you know what i mean . He sucks in a breath and squeezes my butt and grabbing it harshly but sensual enough that causes me to moan . "We'll discuss this in details later Dragneel . " I wink at him and french kiss him one last time .

I walk outside and close the door behind me . I see Lyon leaning against his bike waiting with a smile on his face . I skip over to him and he wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my cheek . "Stop Lyon people might think wrong . " i giggle and he just chuckles . "There is nothing wrong with kissing your cheek or holding you close. Because you're like my sister ,okay?  " He tells me reassuringly .

I nod my head yes and smile . "So where are we going ?" i ask him . "You'll see . Now hop on . " he tells me and i sit behind him wrapping my arms around his waist . He puts one of the helmets on me and puts the other one on . Then we drive off . I seriously am excited to see where we're going .

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