Chapter 11

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“Hanggang anong oras ka?” He asked me.

“Hindi ko pa alam. Siguro mga one to two hours ako.” I became worried again. I’m pretty sure I’ll be tortured once I enter the room. “Bakit ba kasi hindi ako nagpractice nung summer eh.”

“Two hours?!” I nodded. He raised his hand, “Good luck. Bye.”

I waved at him before entering the academy. What was I expecting? He’s a good-for-nothing guy. He won’t wait for me even if I asked him to. Mom was already waiting for me inside. She made me use the vacant room, gave me the piano pieces that I have to practice and sat beside me.

“Lahat to?” I asked. Hindi ako makapaniwala but she nodded. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Sinong nagsabi sayo na wag kang mag practice nung summer?” I shook my head. “Sabi ko sayo kahit na once a week dapat magpractice ka. Pero hindi mo ginawa.”

“Mom, seriously? We went to the U.S. remember?” I answered. “There was no piano to where we stayed. How would you think I would practice?”

“Oh, that’s right.” She came back to her senses and shook her head. “Just finish one for now. Tomorrow you will need to do another, okay?” She took the other two sheets then left Tempest Sonata and Flight of the Bumblebee.

Did I tell you that she’s a piano freak? Gusto niya lagi kaming nagpapractice magpiano ni Sunny. There’s nothing wrong with it but sometimes it’s too much. I love her but she’s sometimes unpredictable.

“Pagnatapos ko ‘to pahingi akong P500.00 pati dapat pwede na akong umuwi!” I demanded. She raised her brow. “Ang hihirap nito oh!”

She nodded, “As long as you perfect them, I will let you go.”

I started playing the piano. “AH!” She hit my left hand with a ruler. “Bakit?”

“Mali!” She said angrily. “Ulit.”

I knew it. She’s not really willing to give in that easily. I have to pass through the smallest hole before achieving my demands. She’s very meticulous, so I have to be careful.

I finished the first piece and got hit five times. It took me 40 minutes to finish it when it’s originally around six minutes. The last one, was the Flight of the Bumblebee, I got hit six times while playing that piece. I really couldn’t get the right tempo. It took me an hour and a half to finish 2 pieces.

I got my five hundred from my Mom and gave me an additional one hundred bucks for my taxi fare. Who said I’m going to ride a taxi when a jeepney ride is only P7.00? I got out of the academy and my eyes widened when I saw Jai outside.

“Bakit ang tagal mo?” He asked me with full of concern, yeah right. “Anong nangyari sa kamay mo?”

“Na-hampas ako ng eleven times.” I kept on massaging my hands since it’s too tired to move. Jai took out his cellphone and started texting. I tried to take a peek at it but he instantly hid it. “Sino yun?”