Chapter 15

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Trigger warning - Idk my friend told me to put it just in case

The streets of London are full of grey clouds. The sun is no-where to be found. It's cold and  misty, bringing the coldness in the houses of England.

Dans POV
I wake up pretty early. Slowly, I turn to my phone the time read 7:12am. The earliest I've ever woken. Nevertheless I climb out of the warmth of the bed and head to the kitchen. I've decided I want to make Phil breakfast in bed. I hum a small tune to myself as I prepare some of Phil's favourite cereal with a smile upon my face. I also make some coffee to accompany the cereal. Once I have done the coffee and the cereal slowly and carefully I place them upon a tray and take them back to the bedroom.

"Phil?" I whisper shaking him carefully. No repose. "Phil...?" My heart drops in my chest as I rush over to his side. His eyes are closed. He's a lot paler then normal. I place my hand on his arm. Cold to the touch. My heart stops in my mouth. "PHIL!!" I scream at the top of my lungs as tears stream down my face. I shake him uncontrollably, desperately trying to wake him. Nothing works. I wrap my arms around him sobbing into his cold lifeless body. "Please come back!" My heart is pounding as I speak.

He's gone. He's gone and it's my fault. I finally get the courage to pick up the phone and dial 999.
"Hello what is the operation service you require?" The lady on the other line says calmly.

"I... I don't know.... my boyfriend he's....he's dead!" I sob down the phone "he's dead and it's all my fault!" I carry on to sob. "I should have stayed awake with him! I should have cared for him more! But no I fell asleep and ignored him! It's my fault he's dead!!" I sob more screaming down the phone. I couldn't help it.

"Sir calm down ,we are sending an ambulance to your address," she seems so calm yet she has a 25 year old man screaming at her in tears.  "They should be near now ," she carried on to talk. I still sob uncontrollably not able to stop myself. My Philion has gone.

"O-okay," I calm myself down so I am no longer screaming at her. At his point I can now hear sirens in the background. My heart is still pounding in my chest as the paramedics come in. They let themselves in with defibrillator. They move over to Phil and set up the machine. Tears start to re-steam down my face as they have an attempt to restart Phil's heart. One attempt. Nothing. Two attempts. Nothing. Third attempt. Nothing. Tear run fast down my face. "Phil!!" I scream. A paramedic rushes over to my side to calm me. I violently push them out the way and run to Phil's side. More tears stream down my face. Before leaving me in the room without Phil.

The room feel cold. More tears rush down my face. His room isn't the same without him. The cereal and the coffee just lay on the bedside, looking at his favourite cereal makes my sob more. "I can't do this without you Phil, p-please come back!" My heart hurts in my chest as I pull out his laptop and upload it he video he has saved privately under the title 'goodbye guys,' I start the to watch the video.

"Hey guys, if your watching this, it means I have passed. If some of you don't know I've recently been in the hospital and a few days ago we got a call from the doctor saying I wasn't going to live the rest of the month. Dan said he would upload this video to my YouTube channel when I have gone. The date today is 4th January, just so you know how many days this was filmed before I passed. I love every single one of you Philions. You made my life better. You watching this are beautiful, don't let anyone tell you differently," I notice the tear in his eye which brings more tear upon my face. "Goodbye my Philions, we will meet again. In a different land," I can't stop myself tears flood the ground around as I click upload to the video and close the laptop down.
A week. A week passed before the funeral of Philip Micheal Lester. I slept in his room leaving mine untouched. I haven't left the house. I haven't been on social media. I've just cried even when all the tears are gone I still cry. But today, today I have to go out and go to his funeral. Face all his family and friends. That it's my fault he died. My fault he has passed. My fault their angel has returned to heaven.

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