Chapter 1: Beginng

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(the picture below is kyle)

"Hey Kyle."

"Hey Faith." he wrapped his arms around her.


"Spit it out."

"This guy won't leave me alone."

"Whats his name?"


"Brayn, Jock?"


"He knows were serious! Why would he do that to me?"

"I don't know....."

"Wait do you like him?"


"For some reason I don't trust You!"


"No! Just .... let me cool off!"

"Wait why are you walking away?"

He put his hand up and stormed off. Knock, Knock!

::: Blair's PoV :::

 I opened up the door and Kyle walked in.

"Hi?" I said. He pasted back and fourth.

"I think Faith is cheating on me!" I touched his shoulder.

"A-a-are you shure?"

"No i am not! Can you find out for me? PLEASE!"

"No! I cant!"

"Please for your best friend!"




"Can we still hang?"

"Yes. POOL?"


"Do you have your bathing shorts?"


"i'll be right back!"

::: Kyle's Pov :::

"OK I'll be here."

"You better be!"

She ran up stairs while i stood there waiting some one knocked on the door a few times. I looked around to see if Blair was still changing. i opened up the door and i saw Faith's face, I immediately shut the door. I snorted a little bit when her face cringed. Blair came down the stairs wearing white short dress cover up. She put her beach blonde hair up in a side ponytail and then she grabbed: Two towels and her sun glasses.

"How do i look?" Blair striked a pose.

I couldn't help to smile. "Great!"

"Lets go!"

"Umm.... Lets not go...."

"Why not?"

"She followed me here!"


"evry thing!"

"Look i don't care if she is not cheating on you that's just wrong!"

"Don't breake up with her!"

Blair grunted, and stomped her feet and shook her self and wined "WHY?"

"Because I love her!" I said.

Blair went out the door and then the yelling began!