Chapter 10

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-Feb. 14
I slowly opened my eyes and streched. When my eyes were fully opened i noticed that there were red rose peddles spread all over the bed. I smiled and looked over to my side to see Roc wasnt there, but a heart-shaped note was there. I reached over and got it. The note read: roses are red ,violets are blue, girl i really like you but how do i show you? I remember hearin people say “Actions speak louder than words” So ima show you.. Follow the peddles……. Roc <3. A smile grew across my face. I crawled across the bed and got up. When i walked over to the door i saw some pink peddles. I followed them all the way to the other side of the house then the peddles turned blue and I saw another note, which read: U like the colors? Hehe.. i walked on the peddles until i came to the basketball court. In the middle there was a small circle table, with candals, set for 2 and Hot pink flower surrounding it. “Roc…. i know yuh in here.” I called out hopin for a reply. “How’d yuh know.?” I turned to my side to see Roc walkin toward me with a black tux on. I ran to him and jumped into his arms. He laughed. " What is all of this?" I asked him. “Just a little something for my girl…” I smiled and down off of him to my feet. “Come on, follow me.” He held his hand out. I took it and we walked to the small table. He pulled out my chair and I sat down. “Ohkay, you hungry?” “Always thou.,” We both laughed. While we were laughing two guys walked into the room carrying big plates.They walked over to the table and set them down, one for Roc and one for me, then opened them. They uncovered a plate filled of {favorite breakfast food}. “Oh My Gosh! Roc this looks amazing!” He smiled. " I could only get the best for you babe.," I smiled. " Thank you so much for this, Ive never have anyone do this for me.." “Well now you have someone who will do it for you everday..” Roc got up and waled over to me. He slowly bent down and bit his lip. " Can I kiss you?" “Always.” I closed my eyes and when our lips touched, sparks flew. We shared a Long and passionate kiss, our lips moving in sync and Rocs hand exploring my body. Our lips lingered when the kiss came to a end. " Dont we have to go to school.." I asked. " umm yea.. but this isnt the end…" he bit his lip and winked. Why must he turn me on so much!?
~ School ~ Roc and I walked into school hand in hand. It was our first time back in school since we got together. Everyone was staring and whispering. It got worse as we walked deeper into the school. Just before we got to Rocs locker, Lura, Zack and some of her clones walked in front of us. I kinda stood behind Roc, hoping she didnt see us holding hands. She would kill me if she knew Roc broke up with and we staring dating. She would figure out that I told him she was cheating. “Well look here Roc and the ****, Do you think i cant see you because your not looking at me?” ****? Thats it! " Excuse me!?! How the **** are you gone call me a **** when you were dating Roc and having *** with Zack and who knows who else!" Her mouth dropped. I could tell i made her mad. She smiled walked closer to me and whispered in my ear, “Got balls now Kayla? Dont plan on em on staying cause imma shoot em off *****.” She walked off with her clones. My eyes got watery, " Babe, you okay?" Roc asked. I slide my hand out of his and shock my head no then ran to my locker…., 
-Sorry it took so long long for this.!!! I had to write an essay and I had dance classes.

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