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Archimage ; Chapter 1

Year: 2016 Time: 12:00 PM

Unknown P.O.V.

I'm walking down the street, people are staring at me and giving me odd looks due to my raggedy clothes, and the fact that i'm bleeding quite a bit. So, first thinks first. Hi, my name is Brenton, I am 600 years old, although I look to be only about 20 years old. I am indeed, a sorcerer, or rather, a Archimage. Not many people know of my kind, due to our extinction 500 years ago. Back then everything was peaceful until those mortals came with their contraptions, we could have killed them all, but my kind was to much of " peaceful " people to harm the mortals.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you why i have raggedy clothes and am bleeding, so, its a long story, i'll have to explain to you form the beginning, in 1850.

Year: Unknown Time: 12:00 PM

Brenton P.O.V.

" OW! That hurt!! " I say, as I am being punched in the gut by a Black Eyed Being, in case you don't know what that is, it is a creature, that looks like a mortal, but it has pure black eyes and is a creature of pure evil. " Then tell me where it is, Archimage!! " it says, in it's low pitched, demonic sounding voice. " Fine! Untie me and I'll tell you where it is.... " the Black Eyed Being grunts " Fine. " It pulls out it's knife and cuts off my bindings. I then immediately pull out my wand, and summon a Golem to fight the Black Eyed Creature.

" I didn't even know what you wanted, you fool. " I say as my Golem stomps on the creature and knocks it back into the underworld. ( They can't be killed, only sent back to the underworld. )

Now, back to my task. I think to myself as I exit the shack like building. I then summon a Alicorn for me to ride to the bunker. As I am flying there I begin to think about what the Black Eyed Being wanted from me, because all I know is I got knocked out and dragged to a shack. I close my eyes and imagine I am in the shack again. I look around for anything that would seem to give away what he was looking for, then I see it. I walk over to the desk, it had a scroll that was slightly opened. I see a staff, and I know I have seen this before, but I have no idea where.

I open my eyes and see that I am back at the bunker, my trusty Orthros's guarding the entrance. ( A Orthros is a two headed, vicious dog. ) I pet them both quickly and head inside through the hidden door that was in a tree. I walk in slowly, letting the nice feel of the slick wooden walls calm me. I always loved this place. I am walking to the library to try to find the staff when suddenly I see a person heading to the living quarters. Which is quite odd seeing that i'm the only person who lives here. I walk towards the direction that the person went, readying myself in case I have to attack someone/something.

As I creepy into the wide slick wooden hallway, I see the persons shadow turn to the left side hallway, towards the dining area. I turn towards the direction and head into the room... Nothing, I search the room looking for anyone, or anything here. I give up after an hour of searching the entire dining room and head back into the library.

As I search the library for any information on the staff for three hours, I get frustrated and throw a book at a shelf, " I know i have seen this somewhere!! " I shout to myself, then I look at the book I had thrown, and I see it, the staff that was on the paper, the Staff of Nama, which looks like a Rod with a bright multicolored ball on the top of it. Here it says that demigods used it to create mythical beasts that could do anything you told them to do.

That's why the Black Eyed Being wanted it, but why did he think I had it? And how did he even find me, i thought I was protected by a location shielding spell... I guess not.

I then went to the most ancient being I knew of to ask how to find the Staff of Nama. The Typhon, he was the fire breathing giant who challenged Zeus for control of mount Olympus. He is the oldest creature I know of that walks this land, although he was a big hot-head back then when he challenged Zeus ( No pun intended ) he is actually a quite smart fellow now.

I left the Bunker and headed off for Mount Olympus, although he did not win his duel against Zeus he still lives in a cave near the mountain. I summoned a Alicorn for the long journey, and then left to find the Staff of Nama.

End of Chapter 1.

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P.S. Almost all of the things named in this chapter are actual ancient ( mythical ) Greek creatures/things, except the staff of nama, I made that for fun.

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