Chapter 2

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Chapter 2-

I hop in to my convertible and punch in my new high school on the GPS I got for my birthday. As i start on my way to school I think about what it is going to be like. This will be my 18th time in a different high school. The last 4 schools I went to I lasted about 5 weeks until I just killed the target and got the hell out of there. You see my job is not that bad when you really think about it. I take out the bad people and i get payed a hell of a lot! I get any were from 5,000 to 500,000 depending on who I kill and how good of a job i do. Considering i am the # 1 assassin i usually get the higher of those two amounts. Which is why i am as rich as hell! As i pull in to the parking lot of my new school (which i didn't even bother to learn the name of) i look around to see guy giving me lustful looks and the girls glaring daggers at me. O joy!

I am used to this sort of thing though. I have what most guys would say is a hot body with blue eyes and blond hair. I am every guys dream and every girls worst nightmare. Normally i have dark Brown hair and Brown eyes but everyone says i look way to intimidating like that so i have to put on the blond hair an blue eys to help make me look like you typical Blondie. The perfect picture of innocents.

I get out of the car and fix my Minnie gray plaid skirt an baby pink top and put my white sunglasses on the top of my head. Then i look around and find my target not even a hundred yards away staring at me. i give him a little wave and a wink. then i go to the office. i got the school map yesterday so i already know my way around the school. When i walk in to the office i see a middle aged women sitting there with a smile plastered on her face. I hate smiling at people because its really just a wast of time I mean they are only smiling because its there job and then you only smile back to pleas them. Really the whole interaction is fake and pointless. I only smile to trick people or because i have to for my "job" but that's it.

"Hello, how may i help you this fine morning my dear,"

"Hi, I'm new here."

"Welcome let me give you a piece of advice dear. the people here are mean so just keep your head up an don't listen to a word they say. O, i am sorry i forgot to ask your name."

"Sally" I say plastering a big fake smile on my face

"O here we are. have nice day dear."

"Thank you"

I walk out of the office thinking god kill me now. She is so annoying i had to try so hard not to puke as i talked to her in a sweet voice and pretend to be happy and take her advice. I mean if she only knew how I really was she would be scared for her life not worrying about mine.

I look down at my schedule which is the same as Donavon. i also looked over that yesterday. i walk to my first class of the day English. i realize that i am late to class but who gives a fuck i mean i already know everything they teach at this school. The education i got is way better than this crappy school could offer. If you want to get technical with my education then i have already graduated college.

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