Chapter 62

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(Hmmm, should I go with a fillet steak? The mutton poêlé looks good too. And there are heaps of menu items that I've never seen before. Caviar... It's expensive, but I sure wanna try it. Should I ask Crow-san to buy me some?)

When Fii peeked at the other tables, there were tasty looking dishes all around. Fii looked at her menu, drooling.

Glancing at Crow, he seemed to be glaring seriously at the menu for some reason.

"Hmmm. A hamburg steak...? No, but she said that she liked gratin..."

Fii inclined her head in wonder.
She recalled that Crow liked seafood. She was sure that he had said so during one of their chats.

"Could it be that you're going to try the food that your date likes?"

"Yeah, basically," he answered with a light nod.

Fii closed the menu and smiled at him.

"Then I'll cooperate. Please get me the other dishes that she likes."

If he was going out of the way to try the dishes she liked, then she must have been important to him. In that case, how could Fii not cooperate?

"Are you sure?"


In the end, Fii ordered a hamburg steak and a pie stew while Crow went with a gratin.
After waiting for a while, the food arrived.

A hamburg steak covered in demi-glace and a fluffy pie stew sat in front of her. As for Crow, it was a gratin with fragrant cooked cheese.

"Wah, it looks yummy!" she claimed with glittering eyes.

Crow smiled.

"Sorry you couldn't eat what you wanted."

"Not at all. I love hamburgs and pie stews too!" she answered with a smile.

Seeing this, Crow thought again that she really was just Heath.
Any of the girls he'd dated might have sulked about it or become dejected instead. Some girls would become flat-out angry, while others would hide their emotions with a smile. They had all kinds of reactions.
But he could tell that Heath was happy from the bottom of her heart.
None of the other girls had ever shown such a reaction.

It was at that point that he suddenly stopped his thoughts and shook his head.

(No, no, to begin with, this kid is a guy, not a girl, so...)

For some reason he just naturally compared her with the other girls. Perhaps it was because she just appeared so natural in this look.

"Crow-san! Can I start eating?"

"Yeah, go ahead."

With that, Fii picked up her fork and knife and began eating the hamburg steak.
Cutting them into small pieces, she placed them into her mouth.
It was different to the hamburg steaks from the dining hall. This one smelt fantastic. The meat was soft, and each bite would cause the fine sauce to spread throughout her mouth.


As expected of a famous restaurant, perhaps you could say.
She liked eating the hamburgs in the dining hall too, but this hamburg steak was delicious in a different way.

Perhaps she had eaten even finer foods during those parties and gatherings.
But this was the first time since she had begun paying attention that she had eaten something so high class. Plus, back as a princess, she had always eaten alone.
Right now she had Crow-san with her.

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