Chapter 55

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The next day, the members of the Northern Dormitory were greeted with an odd sight.

Recently, it had become a regular sight to see Doug chasing Heath around. But for some reason, it was Doug avoiding Heath today.

One thing was on Doug's mind.

(Does everyone know...? That she's...)

For a moment, the image almost surfaced in his mind, but Doug panicked and shook his head to clear it.
He couldn't. It was forbidden to imagine it.

In the blink of an eye, Doug's face flushed red again.

(W-W-Why is there a girl here...?)

How could he have imagined that Heath was a girl...?
But he was sure he hadn't made a mistake. Because that body was...
Once again, Doug almost thought back to the sight from yesterday. And once more, he shook his head in a great panic. Doug's heart had been pounding like mad for a while now.

Actually, now that he knew she was a girl, it suddenly became incredibly obvious from her looks alone.
First there was her dainty body that was completely different to a man's. Then there was her height, and even her face was that of a girl's. She didn't have many curves though...
Since he had assumed that there wouldn't be any girls here, he had mistakenly assumed that she was just a small boy.

There was no rule that forbade women from being knights.
Or rather, no girl had ever tried becoming one, so nobody had even thought about it enough to form rules.

(What am I supposed to do...)

Doug's head was in chaos now.
Did everyone know that Heath was a girl? Or did they live with her without knowing a thing? Since he didn't really know anyone here, Doug had no clue.

Normally you would think that she was hiding it.
How could there be any girls in the Knight Order?
But she didn't seem to be hiding it at all.

Unable to talk to anybody about this, Doug decided to simply avoid Heath.
And just as Doug was passing by a deserted break area, a voice called out to him from behind.

"Doug-kun, it's time to have a chat. With me, that is."

When Doug turned with a start, he found Heath there.
She was leaning lazily on the couch and munching on cookies bought from town. Even though she looked like the very definition of relaxed, her eyes were locked onto Doug with a glint.



Fii had been waiting here the whole time for him.
She had already heard this morning that Doug had been wandering about in a daze. In that case, it made sense that he would wander to a deserted place like this.
That was the plan.

It was absolutely necessary that it was only the two of them.
It was incredibly bad news for Fii that somebody knew she was a girl. However, she kept it off her face so that he would never know.
Doug was the one in the wrong here. Fii was the one doing the blaming. It was essential that she create that kind of atmosphere.

"Sit down," she said as she offered him a chair. All as her eyes told him that she wouldn't take no for an answer.

Under her glare, Doug could only obediently sit opposite her.

"Ah... Um..."

"Say. Did you peek on me because you thought I was a man? Or did you peek on me because you knew I was a woman?"

Before Doug could say anything, Fii cut him off and replied with a preemptive strike.
She was the one who was in charge here.

"T-, That's not-... I never-...!"

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