Mami didn’t really know how it had happened. The only thing she could remember was hearing a shrill scream before she found herself on the floor. She was far too tired and the rude awakening was making it hard for her mind to process anything that was going on.

The blonde let out a soft groan, bringing a hand up to touch her forehead lightly. She slowly let her eyes flutter open, wincing from the harsh sunlight coming that assaulted her. Where was she anyway? She couldn’t quite remember where she had ended up last night; she couldn’t quite remember anything at the moment really. Mami let her eyes drift over a bit and she saw two familiar, big brown eyes peering over the edge of the bed at her.

That’s right. She was at Tomomi’s house; she had come here in her desperation last night and stayed over. But why was she on the floor? She knew the scream had to have come from Tomomi, they were the only two in the room as far as Mami could remember, but that didn’t explain why Tomomi had shoved her off the bed like that.

“Are you okay?” Tomomi asked softly. If Mami was in a better mood and in less pain, she probably would have made a really sarcastic comment in response. Oh she was fine; she just got shoved off the bed for no apparent reason. Just fine really.

But before Mami could respond, both of the girls were startled by the sudden sound of a door opening. Tomomi jumped up, her body whipping around to face the door in an immediate reaction. Tomomi swore that she felt the life drain from her body when her eyes laid on her parents. Right about now, she was really praying that Mami would have the common sense to stay absolutely still so Tomomi’s parents wouldn’t see her.

“Are you alright? We heard a scream,” her father said in a rushed tone, the worry obvious in his voice.

“Don’t worry, papa. I just fell off the bed and scared myself, it’s no biggie. I’m sorry for scaring you,” Tomomi apologized, rubbing the back of her neck and laughing nervously. She was getting better at this whole lying thing. Her father sighed but Tomomi could tell that it was a sigh of relief and not frustration.

“You’re so clumsy, just like your mother,” her father said. Tomomi had to stifle a laugh as her mother smacked her father, giving him a harsh glare. Her father had an odd sense of humor, one her mother often didn’t understand. He had the same sense of humor that Tomomi did.

“We’re glad you’re okay,” her mother said, turning her attention back to Tomomi. “Come down for breakfast soon, okay? We don’t have much more time before we have to leave, you know.”

“I’ll be down soon,” Tomomi promised. Her mother smiled before grabbing her husband’s arm, pulling him out of the room and shutting the door behind them. It was nearly instantly that Tomomi heard her mother start in on her father; her mother did always overreact to things. It was where Tomomi got her skills at overreacting from.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Tomomi crawled back up on the bed, lying on her stomach as she looked over the edge at the still sprawled out blonde. Mami was looking right up at her, one of her hands gently rubbing the top of her head.

“Care to explain why you pushed me? Did you forget I was here or something?” Mami asked the girl. She could see Tomomi’s small fingertips gripping the edge of the comforter that flowed down the bed, a small red tint beginning to show on her face. Why was Tomomi blushing? Maybe she really had forgotten that Mami had stayed the night.

“N-no… I didn’t forget…” Tomomi responded slowly. Mami raised an eyebrow at the slow tone Tomomi had used, she was acting really strange. Stranger than usual.

“Then what was it?” Mami continued to prompt.

“Well, you were… We were… Um… You kind of sort of had your arms around me.” Tomomi had said her last sentence as quickly as she could, nearly quick enough that Mami wasn’t sure she had heard it right.

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