1st Contest

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Hello everyone its your second founder Nyx here and i was in charge of the first contest so i picked a comeback contest to test how witty you all are. A comeback contest is where i will give you an insult and you will give me one back.


Me:You suck!(Starter)

You:So does your mom!(Finisher)

See what i'm getting at. So i'm going to give you all a list of starters and you all have to come up with the finishers.

When you have come up with your finishers message us through our inbox with what you came up with. I think thats all so here are your starters.

1-You look fat!

2-Who did your makeup a clown?

3-I don't talk to idiots.

4-Your an arse!

5-Are you trying to make a move on my boyfriend/girlfriend?!

6-What is that hairstyle?

7-You can go to freaking Hades!

8-Ex:You'll never find anyone like me.

9-Where do you live.

10-Why did you get detention?

11-Roses are Red Violets are Blue..........

12-Hey,are you asleep?

And start! If you have any questions please inbox my account The_Goddess_Nyx_

Lots of Love,

The Founders of #ProjectProudWriters.

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