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Greener Paths

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Grass is supposely greener on the other side, but this right here is just rediculous. I know this is what I begged and pleaded for, a different life, happiness, love, relationship... but, maybe too much of a good thing, is never a good thing.

Chapter 1

"For the last time, Jack, No, I am not cheating!" Mum began tugging at her dress, tearing the hindges string by string, her habbit out of stress. The argument began to abrut once again, this has become a regular thing, so much of a norm that everyone has learn to just adapt to their nonsense. I'm still not sure why Dad thinks Mum is cheating, she hasn't done nothing out of the ordinary, nor has been the type to do such a thng... maybe Dad was the one who had something to hide. Their marraige has been gone down the drain, but for some reason, their still holding on to that last strand of hope that's somewhat still dangling there. At times, I look up to a marraige like theirs, and then times like this and I lose all hope.

"Darcy! Dammit, how long are you gonna keep playing with my heart! Woman, don't you know how much I love you?" Dad slams the kitchen cabnits, knocking a glass cup over and shattering it to pieces. The noise causes baby Ema to cry pleading "daddy, no!". Dad looks down at Ema and all his anger fades. A disapointing frown emerged from his face, my Dad hates to see Ema sad, I quickly grab Ema and take her to her room, she reaches back for Dad but, his face blurs away, the further I took her.

I sit Ema on her bed, next to her stuffed animals and toys. I grab her sippy cup, and place it in her hand. "Drink your juice, Ema, it'll make you feel better." She does as she's told, and sips her cup. She seemed fine and at last i thought i calmed her tears. Placing her in mr arms and holding her tight, sudenly another glass shattered from out front, and yells sped up, arguments came upon... and so did Ema's tears. "No, no, no, ema don't cry. Shh... drink your cup." I hand her the cup, Ema throws the cup down and hollers. I try to consult her and comfort her, but the crying just seems to get worse. A tear rolls down my cheek, I feel for Emma, the pain that just won't go away no matter how hard you try. Soon before i knew it, I was in deep tears with her, sobbing over the hurt, forcing it to go away, but nothing could stop it. My tears are awaken by a door slam, I look at the time 5:04 p.m. Rachel must just be getting back from last nights party. Just when things couldn't get much worse. I run to my room, grab the red earplugs that i got from my Skilletz concernt and run back to Emma. "Here, put these in and don't take them out til' I come back, okay?"  Emma nods and does as she's told. I stick them in for her, kiss her forehead and walk to the living room to see the next scene of this dramatic household.

Rachel, my 22 year old sister, college drop-out, needs a job, a rebel, always drunk and can never keep a boyfriend is nothing but trouble walking on egg shells. Walikng up front, I come to see Rachel in a black too short dress, her spegethii straps hanging off her shoulders, red pumps and messy red lipstick... someone could mistake this slut for a prostitute!

"And just where have you been, young lady?" Mum addressed her first, of course. "I told you I was going to a party, sheesh!" She plops on the couch and pulls out a cigarette. Dad rushes over to her and snatches it out her hand. "there will be no smoking in this house!" He put's the cigarette in the trash can but, glances back at it... I know that look. "Geez, dad it's been a long day, take a chill pill, will ya? Or have you had to many?" a grin escapes from her lips, I shake my head in shame at the person I'm actually related to, no way could i ever be like her. So evil, unreliable, and irresponsible, what happened to the old rachel?

Robby and I had just finished doing our homework, Robby didn't seem hiself that day. I knew his parents were at it just like mine, but when i went to pick him up that day, they seemed just fine. "C'mon, Robby, you gotta tell me wassup. Is it your parents again?" He doesn't look at me, he shakes his head no. "Then, what's the matter? You know you can talk to me." water filled his eyes, then finally tears rolled down his red cheeks. He looks up at me and shakes his head. "Am I not a good person, Nina?" I grab his shoulder, and grip it tightly. "What kind of question is that? Of course you are.. your the greastest!" His head plops back down. I was trying yo figure out wheather or not this had something to do with me. But, i knew he would've been told me by now if so. "Robby, please talk to me." With his head still hung low, he released a long sigh and finally opened his mouth to speak. "It's Janet... she broke up with me." My eyes widen, they'd been together for 3 years, I was almost positive they were soul mate, high school sweethearts, that i'd be standing there in the front of the church watching Janet walk down the ailse to marry Robby. "B-but, but why? How can this be?" stammering the words, I didn't quite know what to say exactly. Robby finally looked at me, and I wish he hadn't, his face was filled with so much sorrow, I knew how much he was in love with her and i could feel his pain. "Nina, she cheated!" Rachel walks in on us. "Hey, guys, why the tears?" Rachel was wearing long skinny jeans and a pacman shirt, very laid back looking, this was when she was visiting back from SCU. "Can you believe Janet cheated on Robby!" Rachel let out a histaricle laugh. "Of course! Any woman is willing to cheat if she lets herself do such a thing. I'm not saying that it was right of her, but we're human beings. If anything, let it be a lesson of what not to do. Robby you deserve better, ad you'll get it, i know." And with that, she left the building, not saying much but being very blunt and to the point about the situation. "Gotta love my sister." I smiled. "None like her." Robby finally broke out into a smile.


So how did that turn into this?: "Rachel you left at 8:30 last night, it is freaking 5:00 into the next day. Have you been sleeping around!" Mum's voice was so concerned and disapointed, I wanted to cry. Rachel rolls her eyes, sitting her purse down, she stands up and wobbles a bit as her knees buckle to get to her mom, she was obviously drunk.

"Mother, mother, mother... let's not get on your predicament shall we?" Dad breaks the table glass decoration and storms out. "I knew it!"

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