Ch 29 - Gretch

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A/N - FIRST DRAFT ALERT!! Ok I realize that chapter 29 is a little late in the game to be adding a new POV but this is a first draft. So first draft rules apply--sometimes I am going to have new ideas in the middle or end that change how things should be written earlier. I realized just this week that in fact Gretch needs her own point of view. When I revise I will go back and add more chapters from her POV, but for now, this little warning will have to do. I hope the jump into Gretch's head is not too disorienting.

They had decided the best course of action was to travel back to the stone and take a closer look at it. Gretch didn't think they would find anything useful, but felt a little better knowing they wouldn't be so deep into Faery if they were at the boundary marker.

She stalked ahead of the others, not even needing Teasel to guide her this time. She had been dabbing vanilla oil on her eyelids since they first got lost out here. It had opened her awareness to things in the forest that the others couldn't see. Magical lines of power pulsing along in paths, most noticeably.

She followed one now, one that she was sure would lead back to the stone. She was almost mostly sure of it. If she wasn't right, Teasel would say something. She was almost mostly sure of that too.

He could play around with the truth and portion out his help however he chose, but Fae law still bound him and he was a brownie. A helper.

Gretch knew everybody thought she was angry, and she didn't mean for her words to always come out sounding sharp and bitter, but things were spinning out of control faster than she could keep up.

In too many different directions.

She loved Raisen and Jenny, and loved that they had found something together that seemed to run as deep as what she felt about being a Witch. She just knew it was the start of her being left out of things. They were so eager to point out that now Gretch had Rhianna.

Whatever that was supposed to mean.

But it wasn't much consolation since Rhianna clearly wanted to get out of Murderkill as fast as she could.

Not that Gretch blamed her.

Other magical lines started to converge in front of her and she knew they were getting close.

She waited for everyone to catch up.

"Are we almost there?" Raisen whined. That was Raisen, always looking for something to fuss over.

"Yes," Gretch and Teasel said in unison.

Teasel gave Gretch a sidelong look. It didn't seem like he entirely trusted her either, but that was fair.

Maybe she even respected him a bit more because of it.

All her life people trusted her way too much. She was the good girl nobody ever had to worry about getting in trouble. Mostly true. But not because she was trying to stay out of it, she just never found any to get into.

It drove her crazy. She'd go on long rants to Jenny and Raisen about how much she wished for a little trouble to find her.

Now her life was nothing but trouble and it sucked.

Teasel took the lead now and Gretch let him. She hung back with Rhianna this time.

"Whatever we find here, I think the best thing to do is read as many books as possible to find a way to remove the mask."

Rhianna nodded. At first her agreeable nature had been a delight. Gretch hated it when people didn't see things her way. But it would be nice, if Rhianna tried rocking the boat for once. Not about this, though.

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