Chapter 1: The Fallen Leaf

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Hey, guys! I'm back. Sorry it took me a long time to finish it. Here is the new chapter of Gaara Sakura fanfiction! I hope you enjoy it! Please read and review! :)

After the events of the chunin exams, the invasion and destruction of the hidden leaf village that was being plotted by Orochimaru, things were finally beginning to be at peace. Everyone has been working diligently everyday as usual, now that it has been normal for them. However, they had to put the pieces back by construction properly where several houses got wrecked. Using the tools and equipment, others decided to renovate most of the buildings to be much more stabilize, in case of another danger coming. It wasn't a huge problem for others to repair their things anyway. They were just glad that they were alive and well.

One of the houses' windows was Sakura reading a book of what appears to be a Japanese romance novel called Koizora, which she imagines it to be her own relationship with someone when she thinks about Sasuke. Her hand was resting on her left cheek while her elbows were on her desk, daydreaming.

"This is so sweet..." She said in mind with a long sigh.

"Eep!! I know right. I can't wait to read and find out more what is happening between Mika and Hiro," her inner voice said, squealing in delight. "Ahh. They are so cute together. I wonder what it would be like if Sasuke is interested in anyone."

"Hmm. I'm not really sure. That would be a dream come true," Sakura said dreamily, and continued to flip the next pages of the romantic story.

On that same day was the day where the two mysterious figures with black cloaks stopped by at the food place to eat. Kakashi, on the other hand, was standing near them while leaning against the wall, waiting for someone. He sees Kurenai and Asuma walking towards him and asks.

"Hey, you two. You guys look good together. Are you guys on a date?" He asked in a dull tone, but with curiosity.

"Idiot!" Anko asked me to pick up some sweets for her," Kurenai replied defensively, trying to hide a tint pink that crept up on her cheeks.

"What about you? What are you doing here? Are you picking up some sweets too?" Asuma asked with a smirk and his cigarette in his mouth as usual.

"Not really... Sometimes, I pass by to get some stuff. Right now, I'm waiting for someone," Kakashi said lightly.

"I'm waiting for Sasuke," a voice spoke out behind him and continued. "It's very rare to see you waiting as well." The man with sharingan eyes placed his cup of tea down on the table that made Kakashi and the other recognized his sudden appearance in dismay.

From that moment on, Sasuke had arrived and noticed his sensei standing by the small food shop.

"It's very different of you to be here," he stated coolly.

"Well, for some occasions..." Kakashi answered calmly.

Sasuke glanced at the remaining food and tea on the table that was left on the empty table and grimaced a little. "I was planning on buying some sweets... It's useless now." With that said, he walked away to go somewhere else, whereas Kurenai and Asuma went to confront the two wanted visitors near the river.

"It's been awhile, Asuma... Kurenai..." one of them greeted quietly, positioning his hat forwardly to reveal his eyes at them.

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