Hogwarts: Where the Screwed Live

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The leaves had been vibrant, but they lost their color and fell. The rain had come and poured from the skies, but the pavement eventually dried. The snow had sprinkled white and covered the mountains, but it melted at a steady pace now. The seasons were changing fast, indicating that the time was also going away with it. With a blink of an eye everything around twisted from good into nasty shades of a murky gray.

Two months had passed, but it felt like an eternity. Whispers spread around the castle of Hogwarts in that time. People muttered about all the evil that was taking up their world. None of the those rumors had been classified as true, but heads still turned when certain affected people passed by in their color of mourning or worry. Still, the mind played tricks on the vulnerable. What if it all was a storm in a goblet of water? 

"Oi! Look!"

Turning his glare from two Second Year Hufflepuffs he was certain were talking about him, Scorpius brought his attention to the three Gryffindors before him. 

"I just got this from Alice," said Fred Weasley, waving a newspaper at them.

After being distracted from his daydreams of a certain, curvy redhead, Angelo snatched the newspaper from Fred. "This better not be an article on some Herbology rubbish about Professor Longbottom finding a plant that can fully cure Dragonpox," he warned. "I am not in the mood to look at pictures of old wizards with purple bumps on their bums praising Neville like Merlin with an itching-relief potion."

"Gross." Lily stuck her tongue out, pushing away a half-eaten pumpkin pasty. "Mum showed me those pictures before I left home. She went mental because I kept playing in the mud."

"Yeah, and everyone knows you can't get Dragonpox from the mud," Peyton Weasley chirped, tossing his emerald tie to the side and scratching his neck aggressively.

"Oh, bloody hell," Zabini groaned. "I let you borrow my cloak last week, Weasley!"

"Will someone just read it!" Fred shouted at the people present, earning the attention of a few other students in the library.

"I'll read it," said Lana McLaggen, taking the newspaper before Zabini smacked Peyton with it. 

Having had arrived with Fred and Louis, Rose smiled dangerously sweet at the Slytherin witch. "By all means," she said politely. Yet, under her breath she added, "I didn't even know she could read."

Louis elbowed Rose, shushing her as he appeared eager to hear Lana's voice.

"In the late hours of yesterday evening, Diagon Alley was submitted into a total lock down by the Ministry of Magic," Lana began, furrowing her brows as the table went quiet and everyone listened in. "By the time our reporters arrived to the scene, Diagon Alley was surrounded by Ministry Officials, who closed down the entire perimeter and did not allow access. However, we would not be your Daily Prophet if we could not provide you with the real scoop and the constant information we specialize in."

Lana paused, fear in her eyes. She looked at her boyfriend as Rose huffed, taking the newspaper. "I've got a bad feeling in my chest," she whispered to Scorpius. "My mum was going to be at Madam Malkin's all day."

All Scorpius could do was take her hand and squeeze. 

Rose tried not to vomit at Malfoy's affection to McLaggen. So she cleared her throat loudly, reading:

Alyssa Wood was apprehended and disarmed after attacking several families and a few others. One of which include the famous naturalist, Luna Thomas. It is reported by the witnesses present that Alyssa Wood performed an Unforgivable on many of her victims. Wood even left a few unconscious bodies in The Leaky Cauldron, where she was currently staying.

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