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The next few days are some of the most emotionally exhausting of my life. I've finally come out the other end of the miscarriage, but I feel like my heart is in shreds. My injuries from the attack weren't too severe, but the guys stayed with me the entire time. We shared tears and they took their turns holding me so that I could sleep.

Sean tried to keep me in the hospital, but I finally convinced him that I'd be more comfortable at home where there's no chance of a stranger coming into my room. It took Owen's intervention to finally get me discharged, but getting to sit on our new couch is the biggest accomplishment of the week for me.

Gabriel plops down beside me and I automatically lean into his shoulder for comfort.

"Lets not do any of that ever again, Trouble," he yawns. I nod mutely as he wraps an arm around me. We sit in silence for a couple of minutes, and I hear his breathing change. I'm careful, but I shift my head and see that he's finally fallen asleep. I know that he hasn't been able to rest for days, and I don't want to disturb him. I have no clue where my phone has ended up after the events of last week, so I gently pull his from his shirt pocket and open the texting app.

Gabriel: Hi Kota, this is Sang. Gabriel is finally asleep, but I'm wrapped up in his arms. I don't want to wake him, but do you think you can come over and help me get him settled more comfortably.

Kota: Of course. Be right over.

I relax back into Gabriel's embrace and he begins to hum softly. The door opens and I look at Kota in alarm. I hold a finger to my lips, begging him to be quiet, and look worriedly at Gabriel, who is still humming what I think might be an old Elvis song.

"I think I woke him," I sign.

Kota smiles and shakes his head. "No, he's out for the count. When he gets into a really deep sleep, sometimes he hums." Kota stops signing and reaches his hand down for me. "We could probably set off fireworks right now and he wouldn't stir."

I look back at Meanie and feel a smile grace my lips. "That's good," I say distractedly. I take Kota's hand and walk with him into the kitchen, where he lifts me up to sit on the counter. "He hasn't been getting much sleep lately, and I was worried."

Kota starts taking several things down from the cupboards. "It's one of the way he deals with the hard stuff," Kota stops what he's doing and puts a hand on my knee. "He stays awake worrying until he finally crashes. A couple of years back, Doc had to dose him to get him to sleep after Luke had been injured on a mission." He glances to Gabriel's sleeping form in the living room and sighs. "I think it's because of how his family died. He's constantly afraid of losing someone he loves."

Kota looks at me meaningfully for a moment and I nod when I understand what he's trying to tell me. He steps close and wraps his arms around me, leaning forward so that our foreheads rest against each other.

"I was scared too, Sang. When I saw that monster holding your backpack, my heart stopped. Silas was cradling you, and you looked so broken." Kota's breath hitches and I tighten my grip on him. "You are the strongest person I've ever met, Sang, and I will forever be in awe of you."

He clears his throat and goes back to digging through my kitchen. My mind is reeling. In the last few minutes, Kota told me that Gabriel loves me, and then he used the word 'forever'. Does that mean that they want to keep me around? That I might just become a part of their family? I feel a tear slip past my defenses, and the ever observant Kota Lee notices immediately. Somehow, he knows where my thoughts have wandered, because he smiles and repeats, "Forever."

He pulls out a pan and a spatula and then looks around for a minute before asking, "Where's your butter?"

I think for a moment and then laugh. A full, belly-deep laugh that has him quirking an eyebrow at me.

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