The Hitchhiker

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A recently married couple were on a long road trip through the heart of the United States. One night it was raining hard and the headlights of their car flashed across a bearded man on the side of the road hitching a lift. Not usually one for taking hitchhikers, but the weather was so bad to the husband pulled over and offered the guy a lift. The man thanked them and climbed in. He seemed agitated and edgy and barely spoke a word for the whole journey, eventually the couple dropped him off at a cross roads where he had asked, the rain was still coming down in sheets.

The couple drove on for a good while and to pass the time, the husband turned on the radio to pass the time and heard a news report about an escaped lunatic, considered very dangerous and who should not be approached under any circumstances. The description matched the hitchhiker and the couple look at each other clearly shook, but happy nothing occurred.

Just then the car gives out, and no amount of keying the ignition will make it start again, so the husband tells his wife to stay in the car while decides to set off through  the rain to try and get help. The woman locks the doors and tries to listen to the radio but the car battery seems dead. Eventually she doses off.

She wakes up with seeing flashing police lights through the water coming down the windshield and a voice through a loud speaker ‘Mam open the door, get out of the car and run towards us as soon as you can. Do it NOW!’

The woman is confused but gets out of the car and outs her hands above her head.

‘Run and don’t look back!,’ orders the police officer.

But the woman turns….

In the flashing blue lights of the police car and illuminated by flashes of lightning she sees on top of the car, the hitchhiker with a machete hacking at the dismembered corpse of her husband, with blood streaming over the car. She screams and faints as a flurry of gunshots ring out.

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