"I don't know" I whispered as we pulled into the car park of the club house.

"Damnit they're already back" Ally sighed just as I noticed the door to the clubhouse being pulled open.

"And you were taking me to the hospital to get more pain relief " I smiled taking the extra ones out my back.

"Thank you Jesus" She whispered as she  blessed herself before jumping out the car - avoiding any contact with Blaze as he was walking towards me.

"And before you say anything I needed to go pick up more pain relief". I muttered as he opened the door and undid my seatbelt.

Not saying a word he picked me up gently in his arms and carried me into the clubhouse. Ignoring everyone in his passing he took me straight to his room locking the door once we were in.

What was going on?

Placing me on top of the bed I watched as he disappeared into the bathroom. What was he up to?! Did I do something I don't know about to piss him off?!

Hearing the door open my eyes met his - he had completely stripped down to his boxers. What the hell was going on?

"You look confused" He smirked as he walked around the bed and took up the other side.

I was confused....

"Am I missing something?" I asked.

It wasn't even 10 o'clock and he was in bed next to me. He's never usually here at this time never mind in bed.

"What do you mean?" He smiled his fingers running over the top of my thigh.

"Blaze you're here in bed with me and it's not even 10 o'clock. What's going on?" I sighed not sure if he was up to something or not.

"Can't I just spend the night with my old lady?" He sighed

"And I'm your old lady?" I asked trying to fight my smile. Regardless of how many times he's said it, it still did something to my insides.

"Always have been always will be" He smirked moving his hand to cup my cheek. "Is that alright with you?".

Maybe I should just go with it. Let him look after me, maybe I should stop fighting it and see what happens.

"I don't want a tattoo Blaze and before you start I don't need a piece of ink on my body to prove I'm yours". I blurted out having no idea how he was going to take it. I knew it was a big deal in the clubhouse.

"Its tradition Ava, you have to get it to make it official in the eyes of my brothers. I've already told you this" He whispered keeping his cool which I was a little surprised by.

"I don't want your name tattooed on my body and I don't want to argue but you can't make me get it".

"Ava....." he paused pinching the bridge of his nose. "What about a small tiny B?" He asked.

A tiny b?! I guess that was better than his full name.....

"Do I get to choose where it goes?" I asked watching as his eyes lit up.

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