Chapter 33

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'Don't be afraid to use it'

"I swear you are going to get me hung drawn and quartered" Ally muttered from beside me knocking me out of my own thoughts.

"He knows I have my own mind Ally and when I get something stuck in my head I have to see it through".

I knew what I was doing was stupid but I was the reason they were stuck in this mess. I had to try and sort it and if this was the only way I could then so be it.

"How do you even know he'll be here?" She asked as she stopped at a red light.

"I don't but I need to try and see him. I know he'll have a way to get a message to them. Men with money always do".

"I have a really bad feeling about this Ava. You haven't seen him for a long time. How do you know he'll even help you?".

"Again I don't but I have to try. Take a left up here....."

"I know where the Hilton hotel is Ava I'm not stupid" She snapped "We're so dead again....Cage told me if I pull any more shit he will end it".


"When did he say that?" I asked

Sighing she turned into the car park of the hotel and stopped the car. "Today after we got back but you're my best friend Ava of course I'll help you out anyway I can. I love Cage and he doesn't even know it but if he's willing to end it over me helping you out then I guess this whole love thing is one sided".

"Drop me off at the door and go back" I couldn't let her ruin a relationship that I know is worth it. I know he loves her, can see it every time they are together. He's so possessive of her.

"Are you crazy?" She asked "I'd rather we both get our asses whooped and be miserable than it all fall back on you. Besides they'll know straight away it was me that got you here. What's the point in bailing out now?"

"I don't want to be the one that ruined your relationship. I can't have you blaming me for that. Cage is the one for you I just know he is" I smiled

Bursting into a fit of laughter she smacked her hand of the steering wheel. Did I miss something?!

"Ava can you not see what's right in front of you?! The more you push him away the harder he's going to push back. You need to take your own advice, stop fighting what's going on between you two and for once just let it happen. And if I'm being completely honest I think we should turn the car around and go back before we both end up dead".


"What's the worst that could happen? Huh? Stop fighting him and actually let him be what he wants to be. Let him look after you".

"I already let him in, I let him be who he wanted to be and he cheated on me" I sighed "Turn the car around I want to go home".

Silence...... it wasn't until we were nearly home she started speaking again.

"What if it's different this time?".

"It might be" I shrugged "but how many more chances can I give him? I can't sit around and be what he wants me to be. He can't wrap me in cotton wool Ally".

"It's your decision Ava but I genuinely don't think you have anything to worry about this time especially not woman anyway".

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