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There were only three periods left of the school day before school was out for summer, but no one cared

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There were only three periods left of the school day before school was out for summer, but no one cared. After fifth period English a lot of us decided to just ditch. The Ballas wanted to grab lunch at a diner and we were all game.

         Emily Gardner jumped out in front our group as we all trekked across the student parking lot and began walking backward, a video camera attached to her hand. "Wait! Any last words? This is a part of a project for senior year."

"Senior year is going to be the best!" Troiann hollered with an enthusiastic fist pump.

Emily turned, zooming in on Troy. "Think so?"

"Hell yeah. It'll be the best year yet. New year, clean slate, new friends, new lovers—"

Marcus picked Troiann up and slung her over his shoulder, patting her on her butt.

Troiann merely laughed as he carried her over to his car.

Emily giggled and turned the camera on me and the rest of the boys. "Well? Any predictions come the new year? Any plans to prepare this summer?"

Tremaine nudged me. "Some of us are running away this summer."

Emily looked at me. "Really?"

I decided to play into Tremaine's words. "Definitely. I gotta get away from these boys." I looked at the three remaining Ballas and pretended to frown. "I can't stand them. Chris is clearly ADHD. Tremaine needs to learn to keep it in his pants and Dre..." Shit, there was always a pause with DeAndre. He was too much of an enigma to really pin down. "Dre Parker is a fake. Just look at him, no one is that calm about everything."

Emily laughed at my teasing and I gave in. I went and squeezed Chris's cheeks and smiled over to Emily's camera. "I'm going to miss these boys this summer," I told the camera. "I never thought I'd see the day that I was best friends with the Ballas. But it's going to be a long summer down in Florida without them."

Chris leaned over and hugged me tight. "And we'll miss Cree right back."

Tremaine did one better. He came up behind me and picked me up, causing me to squeal. "Cree Jacobs is my future baby momma, though."

DeAndre took it as his cue to speak. "And there you have it folks, Tremaine and Cree's private summer goals."

Emily smiled over towards DeAndre with a blush on her cheeks. She tucked some of her hair behind her ear and walked away, finding more ditching seniors to video tape.

"Let's go, I'm starving." Chris took off towards DeAndre's car with DeAndre and Tremaine and I headed over towards his car.

Tremaine liked to treat me like a lady sometimes. He would always open my door for me if I were getting in his car or entering a room or building, and he always came to my front door rather than beeping the horn outside. He said it was because I was special and not some random. I took the awkward compliment with a shrug.

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