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Cree fell asleep on my chest and soon after I was asleep as well

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Cree fell asleep on my chest and soon after I was asleep as well. I had never fallen asleep with a girl before, let alone held one. It was one thing to have sex with a girl, because then it was easy to move and to know what to do, but comforting one was a whole other ball game. There were levels to touching females and with Cree, I was clueless.

         Draya was right. I didn't have girl friends and for that reason alone I wasn't used to girls like Cree. Girls who gave into their emotions and cried when upset. If we weren't friends and she was just Cree Jacobs, I would've pushed her away and ditched her, but now that we were friends, I knew I had to be there for her.

It was fucked-up what her father did to her, but I was sure he had his reasons and sooner or later she'd have to go home and find them out.

Saturday morning, I woke up alone in my bed with no trace of Cree anywhere. It was after my shower that I found her down in the kitchen with Devonte at the table eating breakfast.

Cree looked over at me and smiled. "Dre! Come and eat, Devonte made me breakfast and I didn't even have to sleep with him."

She seemed to be in a better mood, making advancing towards her easier.

I looked to my brother as I took the seat furthest from Cree. "Breakfast?"

Devonte shrugged. "Girl's gotta eat, don't she?"

On the table sat bacon, eggs, toast and waffles, along with potatoes, grits and orange juice and milk. It was a lot of food for just three people. It was eleven thirty and I'd slept through my morning run, making me wonder if my father would later reprimand me.

I grabbed a plate and fixed myself a little of everything. "Dad here?"

"Nah, he stayed downtown. He's really trying to fuck that reporter," Devonte said.

"'Te," I warned. Cree had enough hearing the boys talk filthy. She didn't need to be hearing it so early at the breakfast table.

Devonte appeared clueless. "What? This is the longest he's ever chased a woman, which means it'll be one of the best conquests." He looked to Cree. "It's all the more fun when you let them think they're in control."

Cree's brows rose. "Really? Do you think Susan will give in?"

They'd talked about Susan?

Devonte shrugged. "She's smart and determined, but this is my father, she'll fall eventually." He looked over to me. "No girl can resist a Parker for too long."

True or not I wasn't interested in talking about my father and Susan.

"I didn't run," I said.

"Me neither. He says he's letting you off the hook for the summer, it'll be up to you to keep up with running, but in August he wants you back on it."

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