The Evil One

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You are a liar, a treacherous vagrant, an unclean soul.

You Devil...Pain-Bringer...Fire-Thrower.

Deceiver. Manipulator. Heart-Stealer.

Where did you come from and why did you stay so long? You, oh what a crafty man you are, have gotten away with that age old crime once more.

Thief! You found a way, a loophole, a entry that I had forgotten to close. Snuck past the guard dogs who viscoously await trespassers so that they may rip them to shreds. Found your way in and sidled into the comforts of my warm heart.

Hell-Raiser, who sent you? Why did they want me for a test subject?

There are others who watch me, observe my pain and note it with malicious glee. They bare their sharp teeth at me when they smile.

"She is broken. Good, good."

And you, the cunning and beautiful bastard that you are, hide behind chrome mirrors. You watch me, though I can't see you. You too, mock me, and you do so savagely.

I've been destroyed by your chains, they cut into my skin so deeply that I bled for days and have scars. My feet have been burned, the soft flesh is now nothing more than scar tissue. My chest is mutilated from when you reached out, sunk your talons into that very skin above my heart and ripped the slowly beating organ out. You grinned, held the mound of tissues, blood, valves and chuckled. You kissed my cheek, and though I flailed, held the heart away from me. I wheezed, gasped, clutched at the empty place and covered it with bloody hands.

You left me to dye, dumped my heart on the filthy, grime encrusted floor and I fell down near it. You walked away, backwards, slowly, and watched me reach and claw at the earth for my organ.

Dream-Killer. I haven't seen you in months, but my heart knows you. I was never able to wash the grime from it, your talons left indentations and particles of life are embedded in it. It bleeds when I see your name. It's afraid of you.

Wicked Man! Warlock! Ogre! Dark Fey!

Where have you gone? Tired of me, did you? I was too easy to play with, a toy you became bored of?

I sleep with weapons now. A spear lies beside me, clutched by one hand. One eye remains open, it searches the room, roves from corner to corner in the night looking for you. A stake is clutched in my other hand in case you're a vampire. A cross dangles from my neck.

If you come for me again I'll be ready.

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