*This story is now just a preview.*

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There won't be updates beyond chapter 12.
The complete book will be published in parts and will be released in 2018 in sha Allah.
*Read at your own risk* 😜

Author's note


Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah.

*This story is now just a preview.*

First things first, you have to be patient, you have to be reallllly patient for this one.

Okay I'm glad to have you back here for yet another heart touching story.

Secondly I'll like to WARN you that this is not the normal boy meets girl story, nor is it a story about love. In fact it's a hate story as you'll get from the first few pages.

It's a story about a woman's journey that encompasses life as a whole. So if you came in here for my cheesy romantic dialogues and strong, rich egotistical heroes then brace your self. This is a story picked from A SACK OF WISHES.

Thirdly, I won't be updating daily like my other books, because I'm still working on the story I don't have it all written down, so I have to think, write, edit as I post. It will be either once a week or three times a month in sha Allah. I'll try as much as possible to make the posts long enough. It's a rather short story though.

Any suggestions for the story structure is welcome, as for the grammar and spellings do point out corrections constructively, this is the first time I'm going into the turawa mode here on wattpad.

*You can always check out my first English Novel Surgeon's Wife in prints though.* I hope you'll enjoy it.

As always i'll like you to shower us -me and the story- with love by commenting; lots of it, i'll always be there for feed backs. Vote with everything you've got, and share like "crazy to the cube of infinity"- a dialogue from my next in sha Allah- hope you'll like it.😉

Okay read away.

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