Chapter 21

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Two days later, Alli and I get dropped off at a mall in Los Angeles to do some Christmas shopping. It's the tenth of December now, so that means there's only fifteen days.

"Thanks Mum," Alli says into the car window. Her Mum says something, kisses her daughter on the cheek and drives off. Alli walks over to me, an excited bounce in he step.

"Ready?" I ask, extending my arm.

"Ready," Alli replies as she loops her arm inside mine.

We walk into shops, not only shopping for Christmas but doing a bit for ourselves. The first two shops we walk into have nothing interesting for us nor the people we are buying for.

Then Alli and I walk into a video game store, knowing that it's exactly where we should go when shopping for Tom.

Alli and I haven't really paid much attention to what video games Tom has, so instead we look for collectibles in the shop. Alli finds a Minecraft soft toy of what I think he said was a creeper and buys it for him. Me, on the other hand, I don't find anything.

Alli takes my arm and leads me out of the store. I could swear she rolls her eyes at me.

We walk up to another store a few shops down and look at the sign above the entrance.

"It's a magic store," I say blankly.

"Which Tom will love," Alli says, pushing me in. "Now have fun looking for something for my brother while I look for something for you."

I laugh as Alli saunters off in the adventure to find me a Christmas present. I begin to look around the store.

There are many things in this store that I'm sure Tom will love, but after twenty minutes of looking around, I finally stick to the decision to buy him a simple black case with different magic tricks in it for only fifteen American dollars.

I leave the store and look for Alli. I have absolutely no idea where she might be. I pull out my phone and click '1', the speed dial for Alli's number.

Alli picks up on the second ring. "Hello?"

"Where are you?" I ask.

"Still looking for something for you. Meet me in the food court in ten minutes."

"Okay," I hang up on her and make my way over to the food court. On my way there, I see a bookstore that would probably interest my Mum. Alli said she'd meet me in the food court in ten minutes, and five have already gone by. I'm sure Alli won't be there in five minutes. Wasn't she still looking for my present?

I quickly debate in my head whether I should continue on the the food court or stop in the bookstore. I stop in the bookstore.

I almost immediately find the book my Mum's after as well as a book that my Dad said he wouldn't mind having. I walk up to the cashier, pay for my items and leave the store in search for the food court.

I find it without a problem and order myself some sushi. As I stand at the counter, waiting for the petite Asian lady to hand me my meal, I jump at the the feeling of someone's hands on my back and turn around instantly, only to find Alli standing there, beaming at me.

"What's making you so smiley?" I ask her with my own 'trademark' smile as Cody calls it.

Alli blushes. "Nothing," she says.

I give her a bored look. "You didn't meet a guy, did you?"

"No!" Alli yells, loud enough for everyone nearby to hear. She lowers her voice. "Get your meal and meet me at..." she looks around for somewhere for us to sit and eat. Her eyes spot an empty table for two in a corner, with enough privacy for us to eat and talk without interruptions. She finishes her sentence, pointing at the table, "that table over there."

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