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Chapter Twenty One – Lovestoned

-Tom’s Point of View-

I pulled her hand gently inching through the gate. Her eyes had grown wide with fear, the emotion clouded over the beautiful sea blue, through the tinted sunglasses. I brought her closer to me, hoping that she felt protected. “It will be fine” I whispered to her.

Cassie nodded and tightened her hand around my own. I smiled at her slowly and stepped onto the plane, she followed hesitantly. Lyle and Marc followed in as well.

I wasn’t going to take any chance of not having security. It would be different if it was just the two of us going on vacation; but it’s not, everyone knows. Even though I wanted to keep the wedding out of the spot light as much as possible, the press didn’t seem to agree with me.

Cas hasn’t had to experience being terrorized by pushy people, and I never want to expose her to that. Although that doesn’t seem possible considering everyone knows about the wedding and about the honeymoon.

The sturdiest had a pearly white smile and straight dirty blonde hair. “Hello Mr. Felton welcome aboard United Airlines.”

I pulled Cassie, who had started to shake lightly, closer to me and took off my sunglasses. “Hello” I said politely. It was hard to keep the smile off of my face.

She started walking down the small hallway “Right this way”

Her heels clicked the floor dully as I followed behind her to the back corner of the first class section.

I sat down in the seat closest to the window and pulled Cas next to me. Lyle and Marc sat down in the seats in front of us.

The sturdiest leaned closer in and said, with a sincere glint in her eye “If you need anything, or if anyone is annoying, please don’t hesitate to tell one of us”

I smiled “Thank you, I appreciate it”

She returned the smile, nodded her head and walked back down the small hallway.

I pulled up the arm rest and pulled Cas close to my chest, holding her to me firmly.

She pulled her legs up on the seat and adjusted her dress, so that it became a blanket over her legs. She removed her sunglasses that I made her wear, and rested her head against my shoulder.

I tightened my grip, hoping to soothe her tense muscles. “How long?” She whispered, even though it was only the four of us on the plane so far.

“About fifteen hours”

She quietly whimpered and wiggled closer on to my chest. “Calm down nothing is going to happen, I promise” I kissed her forehead lightly and left my lips to rest upon her satin skin.

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