Betrayal is a pain

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Eyes glowing, demand of killing, there's only one thing I could possibly feel right now. Betrayed. And you know how people say "Karma's a bitch" well betrayal is a pain!

"Fine!" Captain Hook says. His voice is as simple as it can get in life. He raises his hook and bring it to my neck. My heart is racing, my eyes are stapled open, I hold my breath, and fear is in my everything. He presses the hook against my neck causing blood to fall into my arm. Before he can continue Spiral runs up and bites him wear in hurts.

I fall to the ground  clenching my neck. I check the hole where his hook has just been and it's deep. If he had moved it anymore I would have been dead. Spiral runs over to me and nudges me. I look over to him and extend my hand for him to know I'm ok. I pull my hand away from my neck and see a ton of blood. I quickly place it back before I bleed out.

Grrrrrr! Spiral starts growling next to me. I look over a tiny bit to ensure I don't lose to much blood. Walking over is the jerk who just ordered to have my killed. Spiral lights into his flames and stands in front of me. I'm not sure if I'm able to speak or if he got to close to my vocal cords.
"Down." I whisper. Ok I can talk. That's a good start. It would be a better start if I wasn't going to die.
Grrrrrr! Spiral growls louder and more fierce.

Peter reaches us and tries to move more towards me but Spiral jumps in front of his way. I squint my eyes shut knowing I'm either dead or soon to be. Out of the corner of my eye I see Spiral deflame and curl up next to me making me feel better.

I keep my eyes on him knowing what awaits for me if I look up.
"I warned you!" Peter hollers next to me. Don't look up! It's what he wants! He'll kill you!
He sighs. "Are you ok?" His voice is more gentle now but I can tell his eyes are still glowing from the shadow of green outlining me and Spiral on the deck. I close my eyes again and shake my head.
"Let's get you back to camp." My eyes shoot open. He reaches over to collect me but I move over. I raise me head to see his face but mistakingly make eye contact.

My face and actions show my fear. His face is stern and angry and his eyes are glowing. Still clenching my neck I move over some more.
"Come on Love." He goes to reach for me again and I hide my face from his view.

"You brought this upon yourself Pan." Captain Hook bellows. "It was only a matter of time before she found out the real you!"
"This is your fault!" Peter yells. "She was fine with us and you took her!"
"She was the one who was wondering the woods." He renews. He's right. This is my fault.

My face still buried I hear someone coming closer to me. "Wendy," it was Peter. "We're leaving now!" He picks me like a baby ignoring Spirals growls. I feel a small tear of fear fall from my eye.

He places me on my bed and sits next to me. My eyes are still closed and my hand is still clenching my neck.
"Hook's gonna pay for this!" Conner says coldly. He sits on my other side and pulls me close to him. "You're ok now." He whispers into my ear.
"She's not ok and Hook is not going to pay because it was her fault!" Peter judges. I could feel his eyes on me the evil green glow and all. "She was the one who left! She deserved what she got!"
I shiver after hearing him. "Peter you're scaring her!" Corner snaps. He cradles me holding me to his chest.

Peter pulls me from Conner and puts me back next to him. "Dismiss us!" He orders the other boys. I hear them all go and another fear tear leaves my eye. "Open your eyes." He demands. I obey, slowly I open my eyes shivering at the cause. "Look at me." I raise my head a tiny bit and see him looking at me with furious eyes. "If you ever leave this camp again without me telling you other wise I'll kill you right then and there!" I nod in agreement taking in every word he says.

He studies me for a few minutes taking in every bit of fear. "Move your hand." I gulp and pull my hand away from my neck. He puts his hand near the hole and covers it. "Don't be scared." He closes his eyes. But then opens them and they're glowing again. "Don't be scared of me!" I shrink into a small ball. Staring into his eyes I feel a pull. He pulls me into a embrace. One hand on my neck another on my back. It's tight enough for me not to move but weak enough for me to breath.

"You're not a scared are you?" He asks. "No you're terrified of me." He answers for me.
I nod.
"Ok then," he stands up releasing me. "Sleep."
I lay down in the hammock and close my eyes. I feel another blanket being put on top of me. "You don't have to be afraid." And with that Peter left.

After getting tired of hearing crickets while I was trying to sleep I open my eyes and sit up and meet the eyes of Peter. I see a sly smirk forming across his face. I lay back down and turn to face the other way. My hand goes to my neck and holds the place where the hook was jabbed into it.
"It stopped bleeding a couple of hours ago." He calls. I'm not ready to speak yet. I know I can physically speak but I can't find the purpose.
"Want the healing powder?"
I shake my head. I don't anything from this place or from him. Mostly him.
"Want to stay silent and do everything I say because you're scared of me?" I can hear the grin on his face.

So being the complete bitch I am I pick a a stick and chuck it at him. Then I lay back down.

"Unkind," he complains. "I thought you would have more common sense then to do that now."
Did he just threaten me because I know what he is capable of now? I sit up and turn to him but he's gone. Wha-
"I wouldn't do that if I were you." I fall off the hammock and find Peter standing behind my hammock. I pick myself up and sit back down. He tilts his head like a small puppy confused or amused on what's going on. "Sorry Love didn't mean to scare you." I just look at him. Wide eyed and kinda startled with fear. Not being able to move or breath without thinking what if he kills me right now.

He joins me on my hammock and brings his hand to my wound. I flinch away and cover it with my own. He rolls his eyes and take a hold of my hand. He pries it off and takes my other one and holds them still in his. "I'm not going to kill you." Yet! "I know you're scared and don't want me to be near you. But that's why I must. I have to make sure you're safe and sound before anything bad happens to," He looks at the place of my chest where my heart is. "Well that."

I pull my hands away from him and pull out my pocket knife. I open it up and hand it to him.
"What are you doing?" His cold stares fade away and are replaced with nothing but concern.
I place the knife in his hand and look at him with the face of "get it over with". I'm not going to stay here in fear waiting for the moment to arrive. Get it over with Peter. There's no way you're going to fall in love with me so what's the point of me trying.

"Are you serious?" His mouth wide open and a small smirk of amusement on his face. "You want me to do it." There's no reason for you not to. My dad's happy with his husband and two stepsons. I haven't had a real father daughter moment in years. And my first crush used me to get his ex girlfriend which he broke up back. So yes I do. "You said you didn't want this and it wouldn't work and now you want me to kill you for your heart." I have my regrets but I don't find a purpose of sharing them. It was going to happen sooner or later. So why not now?

"Love," he starts. He lays the knife down on the hammock besides him. "This isn't about who you are. It's about your destiny. You're the trust believer and you claim you don't believe. You are risking what you actually believe in because you're scared. You don't want this, you want to be free. Free of your family, your school life, Neverland, me. But you can't be free unless you believe you can. I told you there was a way to live. You had to make me fall I love with you."

He tilts his head and brings himself closer. "Wendy I know you have some feeling for me. Other then fear and hate. I know because I do too. I don't just hate every minute you're here alive and I don't just fear what might happen if you start believing more and find your out your power can harm me." He moves closer and we are only millimeters apart. "I love you Love."

And then he does what I don't know what to do about. Something I knew was wrong.

He kisses me.

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