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My story ... a girl with leukemia .. short story <33

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 A/N: Listen to the video on the side while reading :)

My name is Lilly I'm 10 years old and I'm going to tell you my story be warned it's a bit sad but worth it. :)

It all started when i turned 7. My tummy ached and it hurt everywhere. My mommy brought me to the hospital. The big doctor man said I had something named Leukemia.

I didn't know what it was but when my momma who is usually brave and strong started crying I knew i didn't like it. I asked what it was all she told me was that everything was gonna be ok. I believed her, I didn't have a reason not to she was always right! She was so smart and pretty, I wanted to be exactly like her when I grew up, but i didn't know then that growing up ... for me meant something else. Turns out my mommy was wrong , Leukemia hurt and iI was always sick, I didn't like what my mom called chemo. It made me feel yucky but mommy said it might make me better.

As i got older and the years passed by i grew up faster should and soon i understood that i had cancer and no matter how hard the doctors tried i would die soon. I was never strong enough to go outside and play with other kids my age I was at home, in bed sick all day. One day though, when i was 9 mommy made a new friend since i had started to look a little better and she didn't worry as much. Her new friend had a son named Jake, he came to play with me sometimes. It was so nice to have a friend, and he was kinda cute too, for a 10 year old.

When his mom told him about my sickness all he said, with wisdom beyond his 10 years was. " Death shouldn't be feared you won't be gone, you wil be in our hearts and your story will go on, but so will you. I believe you will be happy and not hurt anymore!" That night i cried because i knew that my time with my best and only friend in the whole wide world was coming to an end.


As the days passed by, I continued to grow weaker and sicker, I accepted the fact that soon i would be gone and there was only one more thing i wanted to do. I wanted to go outside into our beautiful garden of roses one last time. It was my favorite place on earth. It was a bright Tuesday morning and somehow i knew my time was coming to an end. Mommy and Jake brought me outside to the garden. I layed down peacfully in the roses and for once i did not feel any pain. The last thing i saw was mommy and Jake's tear streaked yet smiling faces."I love you" i whispered with as much strength as i could. As i died, the roses around me started to bloom. New life had began and i was finally happy.

My funeral came and passed. Mommy was getting a little better but i knew she felt guilty about not telling me the truth about how sick i really was. This is why i'm writing this story, to tell mommy that I'm ok and happy where I am now, i feel no pain and that i forgive and love you. Also thank you Jake, you may not know it but you helped me so much by telling me not to be afraid of death and right now I'm finally at peace, I love you. So here i sit telling you my story. I'm finally happy sitting here in my beautiful rose garden.

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