A one handed wonder

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I sit down on my "bed" which is really a small blanket which they made into a hammock. Everyone thinks I'm going to die! They can at least give me a chance to do the other way!

"What are you thinking Love?" Peter snaps me out of my concentration.
"How no matter what I prove here everyone thinks I'm a walking death." I tell him honestly. I've tried so hard to show them I'm tuff and how I can survive but no matter what they look and treat me like I'm a glass object. Well except Gabe and Conner. They could care less what happens to me and they prove it by squeezing my wounds and carrying me around.

Peter shakes his head. "They are just making sure nothing goes wrong with the plan."
"You mean my murder." I correct.
He sighs and turns to face me. "It's nothing personal and I told you not to consider it that."
My mind starts racing at those words. "Whatever." I stand up and head towards the open woods.

"Where are you going?" Peter races up to me.
"As far away from here as possible!" I stomp. I make sure I extend the word here very clearly. I don't want to be anywhere right now except for my room or alone.
"You don't know what's out there!" He protests. "Or who!"
"Then I'll find out!" I snap and continue walking.

I'm further away from the camp when all of a sudden a pair of arms reach out and grab my waist. Before I peer up I have a feeling it's either Peter or one of the lost boys. But when I look up a man stands there. He's wearing a red hat and a striped shirt and looks like he's in his mid twenties.

I start punching his hands and kicking his legs but he's won't let go. When I turn my head around I find another man standing there. "Hello dear!" He beacons.
I open my mouth to try and speak but he shoves a bag over my head.

My mind is all over the place and I'm terrified with fear. My heart is racing and all I hear is sounds of the ocean.
"Smee take it off!" I recognize the voice as the man who put the bag over my head. I hear footsteps coming towards me and I prepare myself for the worst.

The bag is snatched off my head and standing in front of me is the man who grabbed me. I guess his name is Smee. Smee steps away from me and let's the other man through. I look around and see I'm on a boat. But not any boat. The Jolly Rodger! I turn back to the man who now stands in front of me. He's wearing black pants, a black belt, and a black leather long jacket. But my eyes almost instantly go to his right hand. Or should I say hook!

"It's ok dear you're safe now." He reassures me.
I can't even speak I'm speechless. I push through the block of words and come out with the only thing I can possibly say. "I'm safe? In the hand of Captain Hook."
"So heard of me? Fantastic!" He applauds. "Well I've heard of you too my little girl."

"Let me guess." I huff. "The truest believer?" I roll my eyes while saying it.
"I'm not gonna lie. Yes that's where I've heard of you." His gone turns dark. "I also know that Pan needs you."
"Yea, dead!" I reply harshly.
"Correction," he continues. "He needs your heart."
"Yea and without I'm dead." Is everyone on this island stupid!

"Well there is a valid solution. I'll just destroy your heart." I can tell he isn't joking by the look on his face.
My mouth hangs open and I stare at him like a girl if the hottest guy at school asked their best friend out.
"I can't afford him to get anymore power," he explains. "He will destroy the world!"

Everyone on this stinken island wants me dead! "Just bring me back to my home." I suggest.
"If I do that he'll still be able to get you." He shakes his head in disappointment.
"He can't use my heart anyway." I shrug. He raises an eyebrow at my words. "I don't believe."

"Captain!" Smee comes running over pointing to the only door on the ship that I can see.
"What is it?" Captain Hook growls.
"A.....a...Firefox!" Smee jumps at the sound of the animals name. I gasp as soon as I here the name. Could it be Spiral?
"For the love of shipery!" Captain Hook walks over to the door and opens it. Out comes flying Spiral.

Spiral looks at me and comes running into my arms hiding his face from the pirates. "How are you afraid of this gentle creature?" I ask stunned.
"That thing can burn down an entire ship even with water keeping it alive!" Smee shakes.
"Spiral would never do something like that." I raise my voice.
"You're familiar with this animal?" Captain- Hooks connects.
"Yes," I trail. "We meet the night I was stole here."

The two stunned men look at each other and then to the others on the ship. "I've never known anyone who has been able to find peace with the animal before." Smee says sounding impressed.
"I'm very good with animals. I used to help wounded birds that flew into my backyard. They all had injuries from hunters." I would take them to my room and give each one the care they needed then when they were better I would release them back into the wild. And they would always visit me soon after just for fun.

"Hook!" The three of us spin around and find Peter and the lost boys sitting on the edge of the ship. "You have something of mine! And I want it back!" He narrows his eyes at Captain- Hook.
"This girl is not a something you can claim Pan." Captain Hook retaliates.
"Let her go!" Peters eyes glow green.

Terrified I stand up and pick Spiral up and back away slowly. I've never seen him like this before and it makes me the most scared I've ever been in my entire life. I pull Spiral closer to me making sure he doesn't get between the cross fire.
"Pan I wouldn't do something you'll regret!" Captain Hook says raising his hook. "Someone might get hurt." His head turns slowly to me.
I gulp and back away a little faster.
"Hurt or not I don't care!" His eyes still glowing he jumps down onto the boat. The other lost boys and pirates remain where they are.
"Are you sure about that?" Captain Hook questions.

Captain hooks walks over to me and shoos Spiral out of my arms. He pulls he over to where he was originally standing and places me in a head lock. "I'm not sure you are." Admiring his hook. He brings it to my neck. Releasing me from the hold I was in he now places me with one arm pinning my arms to my body and his other arm close to my neck. His hook inches away from me. "You see Pan if you didn't care you wouldn't be here."

He was right. Even through I know he's only here because he needs my heart.

"Go ahead then." Peter motions. "Kill her!"

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