Chapter 20. Maha-Chapter.

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Suman's POV.

This is fun! I love the feel of wind on my face as the bike races on. I wish I could remove this helmet, but I know I cannot!

It sure is irritating though, sitting heavy on my head.

I look around at the almost deserted lane. I am glad Shravan chose to be in the bylanes, instead of main road. There will we not have moved in speed.

Right then Shravan slowed the bike and brought it to a halt making me frown in confusion. Why did he stop?

He half turned tugged at my hands from his shoulder and put them around his abdomen. I sucked in my breath. What is he doing?

"Hold on to me tightly Sumo." He said as he half rose and kick started the bike again not waiting for a response from me.

Not that I could have responded anyway!

Within a few seconds Shravan pulled into another by lane and drove on till a huge iron gate came into view.

The guard standing outside opened the gate and Shravan drove right in. I looked around trying to figure out where we were.

I frowned at the unknown surrounding. It seemed to be a private property. WE were on a circular driveway. There was a big house on one side-

That was my last thought before everything around went blur!

"Shravan!" I squealed as he started the bike and went forward in a maddening speed around the driveway.

Once- twice- I lost count! Five –Six-!

"Wohhoo!" I screamed in excitement as I tightened my arms around him.

This was crazy! I so totally loved it! I had always wanted to do something like this! Crazy crazy speed!

Shravan slowed and came to a stop after a few rounds. Well at least the bike came to a halt. The surrounding still seemed to zoom around!

I took in air in gulps in my attempt to start breathing normally. I got down and stood beside the bike, my back rested on it's seat. Shravan got down to and turned and sat beside me where I stood. I removed my helmet still breathing heavily!

I had been so totally out of breath with excitement!

Shravan removed his helmet and turned to look at me "Liked it?" He asked softly, his eyes roaming on my face, searching for my reaction.

I felt too overwhelmed to answer. I slid my right arm around him resting my head on his chest and looked up to him "Thank you." I managed to mutter.

In response he smiled and slid his arm around my waist and rested his head on my head.

We stood like that for a few minutes. No words leaving our mouths.

Quack Quack Cackle Quack.

Quack Quackquack

Cackle cackle Qauck.

I pulled up my head in surprise. What was these sounds?

My jaw pulled open as my eyes met with an army of ducks and geese waddling determinedly towards one side of the driveway, trooping in a particular direction.

I looked in Shravan's direction to see him smiling at my expression.

"Come." He said and led me by hand in the same direction as the birds.

I pulled in my breath as a waterbody came into view.

"This is a friend's property. He plans to convert this into a picnic resort." He said gesturing around at the surrounding.

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