Chapter 75

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*Italics is for when he's not thinking in English or when someone isn't speaking in English*

Eli's eyes slowly opened. He turned his head to the side. This was not his room. He sat up straight, then held his head because of the dizziness.


Where was she?

Where did Winston take her?

How could he let that happen? He was an idiot.

Where was he?

Where was his sword and shoes?

What time was it?

He took a deep breath. One thought at a time.

His shoes were by the door and his sword was on the floor next to the bed. He slowly got up, tied the sword to his waist and went to the window. He could see the town. It had been early afternoon when they had arrived. It was night now. That meant that he was still in that bastard's house.

The door opened. His sword was halfway out when he realized who it was.

"Lady Shaffer," he said. She had not known what was happening.

"Lord Trent," she said. He tried to figure out whether her expression meant she was angry, worried or afraid, or a combination of all three.

"Where is your husband?" Eli asked. He was going to kill that man. No. He had to find Hailie first. But he didn't know where Winston was taking her or how long he'd been asleep.

"Terrance said he had business to take care of but between you and me, he is afraid of what you would do to him when you wake up," Lady Shaffer said.

Eli was almost disappointed.

"He left you and your children here? While I'm here and knowing how angry I would be?" he asked. She nodded, not looking very surprised, or maybe she had just come to terms with it. Not even his cats would do that. As scared as Romeo was of the kittens, he'd still hissed and almost scratched his eyes out when Eli tried to move them.

"How long was I asleep?" he asked.

"Eight hours exactly," she said.

Eight hours? Winston could have taken Hailie in any direction. His crew was probably worried. Kendra was going to kill him.

"Lord Trent, are you going to go after her?" she asked.

"In simple terms," Eli said.

"I figured as much." She reached into the pocket of her skirt and took out a piece of paper. "I took a count of the men Winston was with. No doubt he has more but this should give you an idea. Also, the amount of ships in his armada and a list of possible directions he might have gone. Even though he said he was going to take her to the Governor, I don't think he would go there directly. I'm not sure why he was here in the first place." She held out the paper. "I hope this will help." Eli tried to take it from her hand but she held on tightly. "Just promise me one thing, don't kill him. I understand you're angry and I can't ask you to not hit him but please, just don't kill him."

"That all depends on the condition I get back Hailie in." He took a step towards her. "Of course, if she dies before then, there is nothing you can do to save your husband."

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