Chapter 17: As we scream, aim and fire, the death toll grows higher

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I wasn't supposed to update this fic again but I just had to! Please let me know what you think, and comment & vote as much as you want.

I wanna sit on a rooftop with friends at night while listening to Bry's music and yelling his lyrics from the rooftops as loud as we can and forget about everything

Also fun story, I once got kicked out of class because there weren't enough chairs to sit on. I had to go to the board because of that. Because I couldn't sit at my desk. *sighs contentedly* High school was such a great time of my life. Good ol' days.

Also another story that just happened to me a minute ago: I'm traveling to school and fell asleep and the train conductor had to wake me up to check my pass and see if I checked in. :')

Last story; I accidentally sent a man out of a train once. In the Netherlands we (obviously) don't speak English, and this foreign man came up to me to ask if he was in the right train or had to get out at the stop we stopped at if he wanted to go to a certain city, and he wasn't very good at English neither Dutch. So I said "no you have to stay on this train to get there", and he was like "okay, thank you" and smiled and got off the train. So I'm not sure what went wrong there 😅


"I'm gonna go downstairs and ask at what time breakfast is served each morning again, okay? Then I'll ride you", Tyler smirked. Josh let out a laugh. "Alright sweetie", he said. Tyler grabbed his key card and left the room. He hopped down the stairs and went to the lobby.

"Hello sir, can I help you?" A man behind the counter asked.

"Yeah, actually! I wanted to check at what time breakfast is served again, 'cause I forgot", Tyler said.

"Breakfast is served from 7 to 10 am", the man smiled. "Okay, thank you!" Tyler smiled. "Anything else I can help you with?" The man asked. "Ehm no, I don't think so", Tyler smiled at him.

"Maybe I can interest you in something", the man said. "Do you like music?" He asked. "Of course, I love music", Tyler answered. "What about heavy music? Metal?" The man asked. Tyler nodded. "Sure thing", he said.

"Well, I wanted to inform you that Bullet For My Valentine will be playing tonight at a concert venue only ten minutes from here", the man said.

"Bullet For My Valentine?!" Tyler asked with raised eyebrows. The man nodded. "I'm guessing you're familiar with them?" He asked. "Oh my god yes, definitely! Oh my god I had no idea they were in Amsterdam tonight!" He rambled.

"There are still a handful of tickets left. The doors will open in 15 minutes but it's only a 10 minute walk, and there's also a support act. I can buy the tickets here on the computer for you if you want to go, they don't offer tickets at the door", the man quickly informed him.

"Okay okay hold on I'm gonna go tell my husband and I'll be right back!" Tyler said as he ran out of the room and up the stairs quickly. He hurried to their room and banged on the door.

"Joshhhh!!" He said.

Josh quickly got off the bed and opened the door. "What's wrong?! Did something happen?!" Josh asked worriedly.

"Yes! Bullet For My Valentine is playing 10 minutes away from here tonight", he said.

Josh raised his eyebrows. "You're kidding", he said.

"I am definitely not kidding. D'you wanna go?" Tyler asked.

"Yes, yes oh my god we need to go", Josh said.

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